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Azrieli Faculty of Design

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Mission Statement

Our goal at Shenkar is to strengthen the interdisciplinary bond between design and technology by providing cutting edge platforms and allowing students further possibilities for international interaction.

Our programs emphasis an exploratory mindset and allow Shenkar to maintain its competitive edge allowing for continual dynamic academic growth. We aim to create and support the next generation of artists, designers, and engineers that will be the next leaders of their industries.  

International Role

Shenkar College has put much effort in its international studies office that is in charge of exchange, workshops, internships and transdisciplinary projects. We are pinpointing notable universities from around the world and building a network based on collaboration and cooperation, Thereby allowing for continual dynamic academic growth.

Platforms are currently being implemented internationally with Cornell, Wharton, Cornell Tech and Yale. Joint collaborative projects are carried out in collaboration with the Design Department. 

National Role

Shenkar has built a name for itself, within the Israeli industry, as a top notch design education facility. At the same time, we know that education is not a “stand alone operation” and we have to combine it with networking. This is why we keep close connections with leading industries in the Israeli market. 

Students are encouraged to create projects and collaborations with our partners in the industry and gain practical, hands on, experience and knowledge. Form the other perspective, top executives in Israel know that a collaboration with Shenkar is worth their while because past experience shows that the college is a key player in trend settings. 

Shenkar is lucky to be a college within the “Startup Nation” as Israel is widely known to be. This is why we launched the ACT Shenkar initiative that is working as an innovation lab, nourishing entrepreneurs, and creating an ecosystem to support new creative startups. ACT Shenkar supply student entrepreneurs with mentorship from inside the college and from leading executives in the Israeli high tech industry. 

With this in mind, The Innovation Center ACT Shenkar was set up with the aim to create new social and economic value by redefining the boundaries of art, design and engineering.

ACT Shenkar is the entrepreneurship & Research Authority of the college and is supporting the professional development of students, graduates and faculty members, seeking to motivate, train and develop their creative skills and projects.  

Each year, we scout for the most original ideas with a potential to succeed in today's or tomorrow's markets and offer them acceleration, creativity and business development tools within and outside the academic environment. Our ultimate goal is to lead those creative ideas towards economic sustainability.

ACT Shenkar promotes an environment of creativity by conducting numerous events, courses and lectures with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and creative research.

As a multi-disciplinary school, we constantly step beyond the comfort zone of each discipline in order to generate innovation and new value.

ACT Shenkar Manage various European Funded Project to promote the various aspects of innovation and to connect the college with the best international experiences. Among these projects are: Tempus IDEA (2012-2015) aiming to strengthen academy-industry collaboration and the role of Design in R&D&I processes, and Erasmus+ Capacity Building, CLEVER (2015-2018) focus on Creative Leadership & Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries.

Main Focus

Shenkar aims to develop the individual voice of its students by focusing on research, innovation and creativity. The college acts as a creative workshop for thinking and cutting edge design, underpinned by exceptional faculty and facilities. Design is studied through conceptual, technical skills and interdisciplinary approaches from artisan craftsmanship to high end technologies, focusing on intersection between engineering and design. 

Faculties and Departments

Azrieli Faculty of Design

Fashion Design

Industrial Design

Jewelry Design

Visual Communication

Textile Design

Interior Building & Environment

Master Degree in Design


Department of Multidisciplinary Art


Faculty of Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Plastics Engineering

Software Engineering

Plastics Engineering 

Industrial Engineering & Management Chemical Engineering

Bachelor Level Programs

Fashion Design

Industrial Design

Jewelry Design

Visual Communication

Textile Design

Interior Building & Environment

Multidisciplinary Art

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Plastics Engineering

Software Engineering

Industrial Engineering & Management

Chemical Engineering

All of the above are rigorous 4-year bachelor’s programs 

Master Level Programs

Master Degree in Design

Plastics Engineering

Industrial Engineering & Management

All of the above are rigorous 2-year master’s programs

Research Activity and Main Areas

As part of the recent transformation from manufacturing to knowledge economy, design and creativity are now treated as major innovation resources and therefore interdisciplinary research activities are growing at a fast pace at Shenkar. The college specializes in the applied research area and a great emphasis is given to collaboration with industries in the fields of R&D, innovation, and technology transfer. Shenkar’s aspiration is to establish more joint research labs in collaboration with companies in the industry.


Some of our main clients companies include: Netafim, Palram, Amiad, and Kata Manfroto.



Rapid Prototype Lab

Marks & Spenser Textile Lab

Polymers & Plastics R&D Lab

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

Green Tech& Design Lab

Mobile Computing Lab

Microelectronics Lab

Edelstein Center for Ancient Textiles



Textile Innovation including design and new materials and applications, Plastics & Polymers, Nano Particles, Smart Packaging, Advanced Materials: CNT, Bio expendable materials for various applications, conductive polymers, Recycled material, Strengthen Materials in light weight etc. Green Architecture & Design, Industrial Engineering, Mobile Computing, Perceptual Computing, Learning Technologies and Gamification.

Doctorate Level Programs

Currently we do not have doctoral level programs

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Shenkar has exchange programs for students in the Azrieli faculty of design. Students visit for a semester. Shenkar students also travel the world to participate in different seminars, exchange programs and the college hosts international students for local seminars and special global projects.

Application Deadlines

Deadline for exchange programs, fall semester: May 1

Deadline for exchange programs, spring semester: December 1 

Teaching Languages

The main teaching language is Hebrew and there are partial curriculum taught fully in English. We are in the process of implementing more full English spoken courses as part of the curriculum and expect that in the next few years we will open an international program in English.

Semester Dates

Fall semester – 

Fall classes begin – October 18th 

Fall classes end – January 22nd 

Spring semester – 

Spring classes begin – February 25th 

Spring classes end – June 16th 

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

950 USD per month


Bachelor: 1294
Master: 57

Exchange Students

Incoming: 15
Outgoing: 41

Teaching Staff

Professors: 9
Lectures: 84
Other permanent teachers: 93
Part-time Teachers: 259

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