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Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

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Mission Statement

SIVA is determined to make itself an applied institute of visual arts that can meet with the social needs on the basis of cultural and industrial development. We adhere to the principle of school run by educators, research done by professors, autonomy exercised by the school, and students managed by themselves. We have what others don’t, we have something newer than what others have, we have something special although others have something new, and we have something perfect while others might have something special.

International Role

Upon its founding in 2005, SIVA established an international advisory group made up of presidents, specialists, and professors of would famous art colleges and universities. By means of the annual forums, SIVA has built up cordial cooperation with these schools, thus promoting exchanges of visits, collaboration, and communication. International Advisory Group has enhanced the teaching concepts, the disciplinary setup, teaching modes, etc.; hence, it has raised the level of internationalization of SIVA. As a result, it has helped SIVA lay a solid foundation for the academic basis of visual art education as well as set up an international platform of higher art education. • Exchange visits: teachers from College of Design paid a visit to Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan for its Graduate Work Exhibition and other academic exchange issues; College of Fashion Design launched academic exchange and cooperation with College of CT, Youngsan University, Korea; Dean of College of Fine Arts went to Royal Academy of Fine-arts Antwerpen to observe and study teaching of Heritage Conservation major there as well as to seek potential cooperation, etc. • Workshop course: Professor SU Leci, vice dean of College of Media Communication & Performing Arts offered training courses to students from School of Drama, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design on Chinese opera performance. • Cooperation project: Cooperating with Tongji University, SIVA co-organized the CUMULUS Conference. All members of CUMULUS were invited to visit and given guidance to SIVA; A team comprising teachers and students from Parsons the New School for Design, New York visited College of Digital Media for works exchange and project cooperation with the theme “dinner”; representatives of teachers and students from College of Design went to Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland for exchange program on cooperative urban art design; signed cooperation agreement with IGI International Gemological Institute; launched bridging course project with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, UK; Students made documentary in exchange visits between College of Media Communication & Performing Arts and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UK. • Academic forums, lectures, seminars: International Advisory Group Meetings organized since establishment of SIVA; seminar on employment and entrepreneurial skills in field of art and design given by HIVE project leader from Nottingham Trent University. • Further education for teachers: LI Bing, young teacher from College of Fine Arts went to Tokyo University of the Arts for further education.

National Role

• SIVA is a new pattern art university established with innovative system, creative mechanism and pioneering model. It enjoys exceptional rich resources from backbone enterprises and organizations in Shanghai culture industry, founded by Fudan University together with investment from Shanghai Media Entertainment Group(SMEG), Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group, Shanghai Jovian Investment Co., Ltd, Shanghai Jovian Property (Group) Co., Ltd, Shanghai Shenjiao Investmen Co., Ltd, Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Cred Real Estate Stock Co., Ltd, HongKong Emperor Group, The 9 Limited, and Shanghai Shanda Networking Co., Ltd. • By fully using the resources from board member units and related industries, SIVA has built dozens of practice teaching bases with social enterprises which mainly includes Shanghai Shanda Networking Co., Ltd, Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd, Shanghai Aurora Group, Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion Co., Ltd, United States Waters Bonwe Garments Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bobdog Children's Articles Co., Ltd., Shanghai Art Museum and Shanghai Metro Corporation. Meanwhile, in order to meet the demand of personnel training in specific industries, SIVA has introduced the teaching method of “teacher and pupil in pairs” in majors such as art and crafts by inviting big hitters and masters in the industry. • Shanghai Yifu Vocational School, the most famous secondary vocational school of art is the senior high school attached to SIVA. Relying on complementary advantages of each other, the two schools jointly promote education for artistic talents and explore the sound bridging between higher learning and secondary education of arts. • SIVA has built up "Shanghai Literature Center of Visual Arts", "SIVA Branch Library of Shanghai Central Library" and “SIVA Branch Library of Shanghai Audio & Video Museum" together with Shanghai Library, Shanghai Audio & Video Museum, Shanghai Film Archive and the Library of Shanghai Theatre Academy China which have conferred plates in SIVA and realized resource sharing. • Regarding continuing education, SIVA has successively organized training courses for upgrading professional skills and training course for young and middle-aged cadres from Hebei Broadcasting and Television Bureau with Shanghai Media Group (SME). • From 2005 to 2010, SIVA has co-organized "Intel Cup” Design Innovation Competition with Intel (China) Co., Ltd. for five times. This competition has become the rivalry stage for top students from higher learning. With the theme of "looking to the future with digital technology", this contest focuses on practical and prospective digital platforms, covering product design in Asia. With the foundation built in the first four years, "Intel Cup" 20e0 Future Electronic Product Design Summer Camp was specially organized in 2010. • Professors of SIVA are key members or backbones in related national and Shanghai academic organizations, such as vice chairman of China Construction Environmental Art Association, director of design council in Shanghai Artists Association, vice chairman of Shanghai Industrial Design Association, vice president of Hubei Academy of Arts, vice chairman of China Television Artists Association, vice president of Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association, deputy secretary-general of China Television Critics Association and so on.

Main Focus

In response to “art technology integration”, SIVA pays close attention to the dynamic front of international art and design education. By adhering to the concept of harmonious development combining “demand, learning, research and production”, SIVA continues to explore new models and new ways in contemporary art and design education. Through Studio teaching, project based teaching, cooperative education and other means of teaching, SIVA vigorously promotes its teaching platforms for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Faculties and Departments

1. School of Design 2. School of New Media Art 3. School of Fashion Design 4. School of Fine Arts 5. School of Performing Arts 6. School of Cultural Creative Industrial Management 7. School of Conservation 8. School of Foundation Courses 9.School of Music

Bachelor Level Programs

1. BA in Painting 2. BA in Sculpture 2.1 Restoration of Cultural Relics 2.2 Sculpture (5 years) 2.3 Public Art 3. BA in Art Design 3.1 Packaging Design 3.2 Product Design 3.3 Interior and Landscaping Design 3.4 Convention & Exhibition Planning and Design 3.5 Performing Space Art Design 3.6 Visual Communication Design 3.7 Business Planning and Design 3.8 Advertising Transmission & Design 3.9 Comprehensive Design 3.10 igital Media Art Design 3.11 Glass & Ceramics Design 3.12 Garment Art Design 3.13 Fashion Design & Transmission 3.14 Jewelry & Accessories Design 3.15 Fiber Art Design 3.16 Golf & Fashion Design 4 BA in Performing Arts 4.1 Film, TV and Drama Performing 4.2 Model Show & Promotion 5 BA in Photography 6 BA in Animation 7 BA in Broad & Emcee 8 BA in Broadcast & TV Editing and Directing 9 BA in Cultural & Industrial Management ** All bachelor programs are 4 years except Sculpture.

Research Activity and Main Areas

1. The main sculptures in 2010 Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion, China Pavilion, etc. 2. Education highland construction project in non-governmental Institutions of Higher Learning of Shanghai – platform building in Practical Training Center 3. Development of multimedia courseware for series courses of digital media exhibition design and engineering training. 4. Service platform for effect trails of large-scale new media exhibits. 5. China Pavilion in the 53rd Venice Biennial Exhibition 6. Glory Road – research on 15 years classic cases of Chinese film marketing. 7. Exploration of design and implementation of digital music courses into animation teaching 8. Structural mutability research on coordination elements in fashion jewelry 9. 2009 Exhibition of College Art and Design Innovation Works 10. Programme in Children's Channel: Haha and his friends 11. Research on application of sock design in clothing matching 12. Research on Landscape shape in roof space of buildings in Shanghai 13. The 1st to 3rd Shanghai International Student TV Festival 14. "Butterfly Lovers " youth music drama 15. Exploration on Chinese TV marketing in the context of New Media 16. Design and application research on low-carbon re-use of clothing

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All Majors

Teaching Languages

Chinese / English

Semester Dates

The duration of student exchange varies from 3 weeks to 1 semester.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Studying:  based on exchange agreement

Living: 8000RMB/month


Bachelor: 4445

Exchange Students

Incoming: 100
Outgoing: 200
Others: 200

Teaching Staff

Professors: 73
Lectures: 65
Other permanent teachers: 50
Part-time Teachers: 336

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