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Mission Statement

We aim to establish a solid platform for academic exchange among member institutions in China and overseas colleges and actively promote global cooperation in higher education.

International Role

We facilitate student mobility in higher education learning through launching multilevel and wide-ranging exchange programs and expanding its worldwide network of global education. We provide students and faculty with authentic and immersive experiences on campuses.

National Role

In everything we do, our goal is to prepare today's students and teachers for successful careers in their chosen professions. We accomplish this by promoting cooperation and exchange between Chinese member institutions and overseas partner institutions and integrating worldwide education resources for college students and teachers.

Main Focus

Our focus is still the international higher education exchange in art and design subjects. 

Faculties and Departments

Shanghai Fine's Academic Abroad Plans (AAP) consists of four major modules, that is arts abroad project (aap), Business Abroad Project (BAP), Master Abroad Project (MAP), and Silk Road University Institute (SRUI), and as a whole they promote the development of new engineering education, new liberal arts education, and first-level undergraduate education, and to be a new model for the internationalization of higher education.

Bachelor Level Programs


Master Level Programs


Research Activity and Main Areas


Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

1. Fine arts: oil painting, sculpting, etching;

2. Architecture and design: architectural design, environmental design, visual design, product design, graphic design, fashion design;

3. Art theories;

4. Theater and film: radio and TV editing, theater and film directing, cinematography and film making, animation, digital media art, performing art. 

5. And more.

Application Deadlines

It varies according to the program.

Teaching Languages

English, Italian, Chinese.

Semester Dates

Spring Semester: March to July;

Fall Semester: September to January.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

It varies according to programs. 


Bachelor: /
Master: /
Doctorate: /

Exchange Students

Incoming: /
Outgoing: 300-500
Others: 300-500

Teaching Staff

Professors: /
Lectures: /
Other permanent teachers: /
Part-time Teachers: /

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