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Mission Statement

The goal of the academy is to serve the construction mission of  Shanghai as international metropolis by building an art creation, art education and art talent cultivation system. 

International Role

the academy has international exchanges and cooperation with over 20 universities and art institutions in the world in the areas of teachers and students exchange, exhibition exchange, joint courses, artist residency, art research and educational projects, such as:
Jointly establishing the “painting and Materials Laboratory” with Tokyo University of the Arts;
Introducing innovative courses and carry out thematic teaching workshop with Royal College of Art;
Establish International Award for Public Art in 2013 with Public Art Review and held the first award and forum;
Introducing John Moores Painting Prize to China and successfully held for 5 sessions;
Holding the theme exhibition of the China Pavillion at the Milan Expo.

National Role

To serve the urban development and construction is always one of the missions that the academy takes.  Such as: it has collaborations with Academy of Art &Design, Tsinghua University, Shangdong University of Art& Design for crafts exhibition, with Shanghai World Expo Museum for world expo creation and design; with Municipal Education Commission, China Artists Association  for the work exhibition of higher art education.

Main Focus

Main focus in education is oriented in fine art, art design, art theory, architecture, public art and urban planning

Faculties and Departments

The Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts presently consists of nine departments: Chinese painting dapartment, oil painting department, print-making department, sculpture department, art design department, architecture department, art history department, digital art department and public art experimental centre.

The Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts has 208 full-time faculty members.

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Chinese Painting

BA in Oil Painting

BA in Print-making

BA in Sculpture 

BA in Fine Arts

BA in Visual Communication Design

BA in Environmental Design 

BA in Digital Media Art

BA in Arts&Technology

BA in Production Design

BE in Architecuture 

BE in Urban Planning

Full-time study form, system for four years


Master Level Programs

MA in Desgin

MA in Fine Arts

MA in Art Theory

MFA in Fine Arts

MFA in Art Design

Full-time study form, system for three years


Research Activity and Main Areas

Main research areas: 
Public art
International contemporary art
The academy has explored two characteristic development directions of urban public art and international contemporary art.

Doctorate Level Programs

DA in Fine Arts

DA in Design

DA in Art Theory

Full-time study form, system for four years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Student exchange for all majors

Application Deadlines

Mid November for next spring semester
Mid April for next winter semester

Teaching Languages

Chinese and English

Semester Dates

Spring semester: from March to June

Autumn semester: from September to November

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

5000 RMB/month


Bachelor: 1750
Master: 584
Doctorate: 157

Exchange Students

Incoming: 100
Outgoing: 115
Others: 100

Teaching Staff

Professors: 113
Lectures: 75
Other permanent teachers: 56
Part-time Teachers: 83

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