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Scuola Politecnica di Design

Italy Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Scuola Politecnica di Design is the oldest Italian Institute in the design sector and visual communication. For 50 years it has been designed around the human being:its aim is not simply to promote good design, but to focus on human centred design letting perceptions emerge from the knowledge of neurophysiological and ergonomic factors

International Role

SPD has trained thousands of designers coming from 50 different cointries. 60% of students are foregneirs. SPD is collaborating with "Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica", "Instituto de diseno de Caracas, Venezuela", "Universidad Anahuac, Mexico"

National Role

SPD has been collaborating with Politecnico of Milan for the past 5 years. it is also member of ADI (Association Industrial Design) and ASFOR (Italian Association for Management Education Development). It has collaboration with Poltrona Frau Group, Alfa Romeo, Microsoft and other important companies

Main Focus

Our main focus is to train specialists in the design field through ecellence in education obtained thanks to its didactic methodology and selection of teachers and students

Faculties and Departments

-Product Design Department -Interior Design Department -Car Design Department -Graphic Design Department

Master Level Programs

Masters' courses: -Interior Design -Industrial Design -Car Design -Visual Design -Web Design Basic courses -visual design -product design All courses last for one year

Research Activity and Main Areas

yes we do. The main research areas are related to product design, interior design and graphic field


Master: 200

Exchange Students

Others: 40

Teaching Staff

Professors: 80
Lectures: 50

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