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Mission Statement

Since its creation in 1987 by the Chamber of Commerce Grand Hainaut, RUBIKA have shaped students to become remarkable actors in the fields of animation, videogame and design. We aim to continue training students to become great young professionals, excellent in their field of specialization, able to adapt into an international workplace. 

International Role

With 2 campuses (Franca, Canada) and 4 partnerships in different parts of the world (India, Kenya, Vietnam, Mauritius Island), Rubika aims to reach as many students as possible in order to share its knowledge.

Rubika has an international network of partner-companies that provide a range of multi-background projects for our students, preparing them to work within an international context. After graduation, over 40% of our alumni find their first job abroad. We have over 3200 alumni spread over +50 countries worldwide.

  • Rubika is ranked 5th in the Animation Career review’s “Best International Animation Schools and Colleges” 2021 listing.

  • Rubika has been recognised as the 1st Videogame school in France (Le Figaro, 2020).

  • Rubika’s students' design projects have received over 150 international awards.

Setting-up bilateral agreements and projects with hand-picked international institutions in the digital creative fields allows us to enter in a virtuous cycle of innovation and growth. At the same time, we at Rubika aim to provide the best international experiences to our students, both in-campus and off-campus.

Rubika holds the Erasmus+ Chart, which opens the gates to international work placements or/and student mobilities in Europe as part of the study programs. Other international partnerships, both for students and teaching staff, are in constant development.

In 2020 we have signed a joint curricula with a Vietnamese school, that allows students to study in different countries during the Bachelor cycle.

National Role

There is a clear development in the digital creation field in the region of Hauts de France, and Rubika plays an important role in it by being strategically situated in Valenciennes, right in the center of Paris, London and Brussels. 

The work carried out by our students is present every year in a number of national festivals and gatherings in the fields of animation, design and video game. Some examples include  "La fête de l'anim" in the Lille area, Annecy international animated film festival, Paris games week, and Paris motor show.

The student projects presented in each of these events, along with the trajectories of our students post-graduation, gives Rubika its place and reputation as one of the best schools in France for design, videogame and animation.

Main Focus

Rubika is a professional training school for design, animation and video game. Project oriented, each program pays special importance to producing students that fit the constant changing needs of the digital industries. Many student projects are developed in collaboration with companies.

Faculties and Departments

  • ISD Rubika (Product Design, Transport Design, Digital Design, UX Design)
  • SUPINFOCOM Rubika (2D, 3D Animation)
  • SUPINFOGAME Rubika (Game Art, Game Design, Game Programming)

Bachelor Level Programs

  • Bachelor studies, major in Design – 3 years, with automatic entry to the postgraduate cycle (+2 years)
  • Bachelor studies, major in Animation – 3 years, with automatic entry to the postgraduate cycle (+2 years)
  • Bachelor studies, major in Video Game – 3 years, with automatic entry to the postgraduate cycle (+2 years)

Note: Rubika’s five-year degrees are recognised by the (French) Gouvernement as Level 1 degrees in the RNCP register (Level 7, European Qualification Framework).  No official diploma is awarded after the first 3 years studies., it is only awarded after the completion of the 5-year program. 

Master Level Programs

  • Digital Design Manager – ISD Rubika
  • Product Design Manager – ISD Rubika
  • Transport Design Manager – ISD Rubika
  • UX Design Manager – ISD Rubika
  • Digital Director (Réalisateur Numérique) – SUPINFOCOM Rubika
  • Video game Director (Réalisateur Vidéoludique) – SUPINFOGAME Rubika

Note1: Rubika’s five-year degrees are recognised by the (French) Gouvernement as Level 1 degrees in the RNCP register (Level 7, European Qualification Framework)

Note2: All programs are 5 years long (300 ECTS), awarding students with a Master's degree at the end of studies.



Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design / Animation / Video game

Application Deadlines

Nomination Deadline:

30 April (for admission in S1/Autumn semester)

15 October (for admission in S2/Spring semester)

Application Deadline:

15 May (for admission in S1/Autumn semester)

30 October (for admission in S2/Spring semester)

Teaching Languages

Our main teaching language is French, though most of our lecturers and tutors speak English too. Some student presentations are carried out in English, but we recommend that exchange students have at least a B1 level in French (European framework).

Semester Dates

S1/Autumn semester: early September -January 31

S2/Spring semester: February 1 – mid-June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living : Accommodation : 450 €/month
              Food : 200 €/month
              Health insurance : from 15€/month
              City transport : free for student under 25 yeras old


Bachelor: 558
Master: 285
Doctorate: N/A

Exchange Students

Incoming: 7
Outgoing: 5
Others: 3

Teaching Staff

Other permanent teachers: 45
Part-time Teachers: 102

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