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Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation

Denmark Full Member Institution

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (Danmarks Designskole) Copenhagen, Denmark
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Mission Statement

The Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation has, as a higher education institution, the task of, on an artistic and scientific basis to provide training in architecture, design, conservation and restoration to the highest level and to perform artistic development and on a scientific basis to conduct research in architecture, design, crafts, conservation and restoration.

International Role

The Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation gives a high priority to international collaboration with foreign architecture, design and conservation schools. The Academy collaborates with a range of institutions in these fields. The collaborations take place within the European education programmes ERASMUS and the Nordic education programme NORDPLUS. Furthermore bilateral agreements have been established with a number of non-European schools.

National Role

The Academy is as a higher creative educational institution in Denmark, subordinated the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The Academy collaborates with all other institutions within these fields in Denmark, among these are: Aarhus School of Architecture, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science and Design School Kolding.

Main Focus

At The Royal Danish Academy three fields of knowledge, scientific research, artistic development and professional practice meets in different ways to discover, invent and create.

The three fields are aligned within the educational structure and enables us to develop graduates and knowledge that matches both the industry and at the same time provides world class research, cutting edge artistic design and new experimental understanding. Our knowledge base provides the Academy with a unique position among educational and research institutions at home and abroad.

The Academy 's education is based on scientific research that delivers results that make our lives and solutions more intelligent, informed and future proof. We work with artistic development as an integrated artistic process, thus leading to new results, reflections and specific forms, and by this provides new insights to the world around us.

In our programmes you meet professional practice and we strive to, among other things, to involve our surrounding society directly in the form of collaborate industrial PhDs. We support our staff to work with projects and specific proposal making, and a lot of our students build their international skills through internships at home and abroad.

At The Royal Danish Academy we support the three approaches of a unique learning environment where projects, theory, workshops and laboratories all are essential basic elements that help to shape the future of architects, designers and curators.

Bachelor Level Programs

The Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation offers bachelor programmes in Architecture, Design and Conservation.

The Academy furthermore offers a professional bachelor programme (3,5 years) in Crafts in Glass and Ceramics at the island of Bornholm.

For further information: https://royaldanishacademy.com/educations

Master Level Programs

The Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation offers master programmes (2 years) in Architecture, Design and Conservation.

For further information: https://royaldanishacademy.com/educations

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research activities are supervised by scientific staff members and supplemented by PhD students.

Research in architecture covers a broad spectrum of areas from theory of architecture, planning, design and communication to restoration and building science. Furthermore, it embodies development work as well as architectural experimentation.

Research in design covers basic research as well as strategic research and practice based research. Since the design programmes have an artistic profile there is a research equivalent for artistic development.

Research in conservation is mainly undertaken by permanent teaching staff, and is used in the development of the study programmes and in practical conservation-restoration outside the Academy. Moreover, some of our research results are used by other branches of science in the humanities, natural science, medicine and technology.

Doctorate Level Programs

The fields of study are in compliance with the main programmes that we cover within the range of Architecture , Design and Conservation. The tutoring takes place within the institutes, each responsible for the education at all levels, in compliance with the overall PhD program. 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Exchange is available at both bachelor and master level. 

For further information about subject areas and application: https://royaldanishacademy.com/exchange-students

Application Deadlines

1 April (for autumn semester)
1 October (for spring semester)

Teaching Languages

The teaching for the bachelor in Architecture and the bachelor in Design programme is in Danish, but the programmes are open to English speaking students, with guidance being given in English.

Other Danish taught programmes are normally not open for students who do not speak Danish, Norwegian or Swedish at an advanced level.

A number of master programmes are taught in English and are open to non Danish speaking exchange students.

Semester Dates

1 September – 31 January (autumn semester)
1 February – 30 June (spring semester)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)



Bachelor: 777
Master: 728
Doctorate: 34

Exchange Students

Incoming: 57
Outgoing: 48

Teaching Staff

Professors: 12
Lectures: 80
Other permanent teachers: 130

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