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Mission Statement

Poliarte – Accademia di Belle Arti e Design is a design academy based in Ancona, Italy, since 1972 and from August 2022 part of the Rainbow Group, international leader in the entertainment industry.

We have created and organized post-graduate design courses since 1972.

Our mission is to train professionals and innovative key personnel in the constantly evolving world of work. For over 50 years Poliarte has been a point of reference for design and applied arts, recognized at both Italian and international level.

In 2022 Poliarte joined the Rainbow Group, one of the largest independent producers of the European audiovisual system and protagonist of the whole Film Industry chain – from production, and distribution to artistic management.

Rainbow created Winx, a phenomenon that led to the Fate series, then 44 Gatti, Pinocchio and Friends, A Classic Horror Story. The Colorado film production company and computer animation training institute, Rainbow Academy, are also part of the group.

Among the first establishments to deal with education in the design sector, we have immediately become a source of inspiration and a benchmark, thanks to its teaching methodology combining research, technical expertise, and innovation.

For Poliarte learning means exploring, investigating, and developing ideas and cross-disciplinary projects.

From 2016 bachelor’s degree courses have been granted formal academic status – 1st level Academic Diplomas | 180 ECTS – thanks to accreditation from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research – MUR.

The Educational Syllabus is divided across 6 Bachelor Courses:

– Product Design

– Interior Design

– Fashion Design

– Graphic and Web Design

– Cinema & New Media

– Set & Location Design


International Role

Poliarte Academy is open to the world.

International mission is to spread awareness of how the scientific and concrete methodology of the Italian way of design can respond to costantly evolving needs of society and foreign territories.

Mixing key success factors of Poliarte teaching methodology and creativity of foreign partners to express the transformation of society and markets into contemporary and socially useful products and services.

In the last 2 years Poliarte signed more than 40 memorandum of understanding with foreign academies/universities, hosted more than 50 international students and teachers, become UniAdrion adherent, received Erasmus+ Charter from EU.

National Role

Since 1972 the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Poliarte of Ancona – Italy, has been a point of reference for design and applied arts, recognized at the Italian and international level, organizing and realizing design courses.

Among the first centers that have dealt with education in the design sector, it has immediately become a source of inspiration and a benchmark, thanks to its teaching methodology combining research, technique, and innovation. Since its foundation, Poliarte has strived to generate value for the belonging area. In the Marche Region scenario – second productive region in Italy – Poliarte was able to fit immediately into the business mechanism, giving its contribution and promoting design as a crucial tool for the growth and expansion of local economies. Poliarte has adapted its language to over 30 industrial districts and countless handicrafts and artistic micro-excellences, performing an active role with its students and professional teachers, supporting companies to create and spread local cult products and services all over the world. Thanks to the constant contact with the working reality (more than 2.000 companies/studios), Poliarte has an employment rate of 98% within 2 years of completing Bachelor studies.

Main Focus

Bachelor courses in applied arts, cinema, design, fashion, new media, video, visual

Faculties and Departments

Department of design and applied arts

Product design | Interior design | Graphic & Web design | Fashion design | Cinema & New Media | Set & Location design

Bachelor Level Programs

DAPL06 First level Academic Bachelor in Industrial design

DAPL06 First level Academic Bachelor in Interior design

DAPL06 First level Academic Bachelor in Fashion design

DAPL06 First level Academic Bachelor in Graphic and Web design

DAPL11 – First level Academic Bachelor in Cinema and new media

School of scenography

DAPL05 – First level Academic Bachelor in Set location design

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research activities in collaboration with private and public companies and institutions are carried mainly in following areas: applied arts, cinema, design, ergonomy, fashion, new media, video, visual

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Poliarte is available for short mobility and BIP courses – Blended Intensive Programs – for students, teachers and staff – incoming and outgoing, in following fields:







Poliarte organize every year the Italian Design Experience summer blended course – find more at these links: VIDEO and BROCHURE.

Application Deadlines


Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

From beginning of July to end of September

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Around euro 900,00 per month for accommodation and meals


Bachelor: Around 180

Exchange Students

Others: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 60
Lectures: 5

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