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Mission Statement

Ecole Boulle is renowned for the quality of its traditional crafts workshops, and the high standards of its design programmes. Our goal is to develop the creativity, knowledge, skills and autonomy of our students, in order to enable them to achieve their full potential and to adapt to the demands of a rapidly-evolving professional context.

The human scale of our classes, design studios and workshops helps to nurture close collaborative relationships between students and with staff, facilitating self-expression and developing confidence in a quest for innovation and excellence.

Students are encouraged to carry out a national or international internship or study experience of 3 months to one year, during their course or as post-graduate studies.

Ecole Boulle also houses an applied arts and crafts high school section, and an affiliated vocational high school (LPMA), which often prepare and train our future BA students, where they acquire the basic skills and creative reflexes which will serve them throughout their higher education cursus and into their future careers.

International Role

We organize student and staff exchanges and collaborative workshops and events with our numerous international partners :

Politecnico di Milano, Italy – Escuela del Arte, Seville, Spain – Pratt Institute, New York, USA – Art Institute of Suzhou, China – Zokei University, Tokyo, Japan – Geidai University of Arts, Japan – and others in a wide variety of countries including Senegal, Quebec, Taiwan, Chile, South Africa, Finland, Germany, Cuba …

National Role

To fulfill our mission, École Boulle benefits from a strong long-established network of professionals devoted to promoting French excellence in contemporary creation, where Crafts and Design meet in an innovative manner.

Nationally we are linked to prestigious partners, allowing our students to collaborate (and compete) with the best professionals in contemporary design.

Every year our students are involved in collaborative projects with industrial, cultural, institutional, educational and associative national partners – Paris Town Hall – University of Paris III – Hermès – Veuve Clicquot- Bouygues – LVMH – Du Brueil Landscape Gardening School– Palais de Chambord – Farm du Buisson – Le Louvre – Shiseido –  Arts and Crafts Museum, Paris – French Navy …

Main Focus

BA, MA, and Post-graduate studies in Design, Arts and Craftsmanship, Construction Project Management 

Faculties and Departments

Design Department

Craftsmanship Department

Construction Project Management Department

Bachelor Level Programs

Design (DNMADE) 5 majors : Space design – Interior architecture, Space design – Habitat & Territories, Space design – Construction Project Management  Product Design (= objects, production, user experience, digital tools), Events Design (= cultural communication, scenography, luxury branding)  

Craftsmanship (DNMADE) 6 majors : Space, Events, Social innovation, Materials & innovation, Heritage, Decoration,  within 13 workshops : Jewellery Design & Making, Conceptual Metal Assemblage, Chasing (metal carving), Surface Finishing, Furniture-making, Embossing, Marquetry, Chair-making, Furniture Restoration, Wood-carving, Upholstery, Ornamental Engraving, Lathework

Construction Project Management : Technical and interior architectural site coordination of installation, renovation, and shopfitting projects (BTS ERA – becoming a DNMADE Bachelor course in 2023, and Licence Professionnelle CAA – 3rd year vocational degree course in partnership with University Paris 12 – Gustave Eiffel)

Master Level Programs

MA1 Level (DSAA) 3 majors : Space Design – Habitat & Territories, Product Design (= objects, production, user experience, digital tools), Events Design (= cultural communication, scenography, luxury branding)  

A further joint post-DSAA (MA2 Level) year focusses on research, creative and industrial partnerships, and takes place in residence, currently at the Mobilier National in Paris (official French state-owned furniture conservation and contemporary creation institution)


Research Activity and Main Areas

Research into : materials, concepts, technologies, digital design and services

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

(according to availability of places)

BA (DNMADE) in Design
BA (DNMADE) in Craftsmanship
BA (BTS ERA) in Construction Project Management
MA (DSAA) in Design

Application Deadlines

1st Semester / whole year : May 10th
2nd Semester : November 10th

1st Semester exchanges are preferable, as 2nd Semester can be shortened by internships or exams.

Teaching Languages

All courses are taught in French.

Some staff speak English. Most students speak English, some also speak Spanish, German or other languages.

Semester Dates

1st Semester : early September to mid-January
2nd Semester : mid-January to end of June




Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Fees : No fees for students from our Erasmus and international partner institutions
Fees for other students : 1600€ / semester (European)  1900€ / semester (non-European)

Accommodation : approx. 600 -700 euros / month
Cost of  living :  approx. 500 euros / month (+ accommodation)
Travel card (student rate) : 40 euros / month
Canteen : 4-5 euros / meal  





Bachelor: 450
Master: 80

Exchange Students

Incoming: 10
Outgoing: 12
Others: 50

Teaching Staff

Professors: 150
Lectures: 12

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