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Mission Statement

Strategy 2024

OsloMet is an urban university with a diverse academic profile and a clear international orientation. Through the research we conduct and the students we educate, OsloMet seeks to respond to the needs of society and the labour market. OsloMet is forward-thinking and committed to adopting new technologies and innovative solutions that improve the way the university is run. 

The new strategy was adopted on 15 June 2017.

Vision and slogan

Vision: Delivering knowledge to solve societal challenges.
Slogan: New Knowledge—New Practice

Main goal 1: OsloMet will be a leading provider of research-based knowledge to the welfare society.

Main goal 2: OsloMet will be leading in terms of introducing new technology, innovative solutions and efficient work methods

Main goal 3: OsloMet will be an urban university with regional and national responsibilities, and with a clearly international character

Main goal 4: OsloMet will be a professional organisation with committed students and staff, and with a well-functioning infrastructure.

International Role

Department of Product Design has around 15 active agreements on the BA-level within the Erasmus+ programme. Around 35% of our students go on exchange during their BA. The Department of Product Design is a member of Cirrus, a Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education.  

In addition, the department benefits from several bilateral agreements with other non-EU universities and university colleges. The department works actively within the areas of education and research with partners in Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Scotland. 

While our BA in Product Design is taught in English in the 4th and 5th semester, our Master’s Degree Programme in Product Design is entirely taught in English. Besides ordinary student and staff exchange, department of Product Design has great focus on internationalization: Participation in international conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions is for instance a priority at the faculty. The Department of Product Design is also a member of Nordcode, the Nordic network for research on communicative product design.  

National Role

OsloMet is one of Norways largest universities with a student body of approximately 22 000 students and 220 employees and seven PhD programmes. Its education is based on strong traditions within professional education and applied research. The main emphasis is on programmes that qualify students for professions that will contribute to future welfare and value creation. OsloMet provides education that qualifies students for employment in the health and social services, education, and public administration, media, design, arts, and for technical and business administrative positions in business and industry. The Faculty of Technology, Art and Design offers higher education and research and development activities within technical subjects, arts and design. The faculty educates product designers, teachers within design, arts and crafts, designers/product developers within fashion, mediators within arts and organisers of drama and theatre activities, engineers and computer scientists. The Faculty has approximately 4000 students nd is situated at Pilestredet Campus in downtown Oslo and at Kjeller Campus in Akershus. OsloMet provides one of the largest design education environments in Norway.

Main Focus

Department of Product Design offers a Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Product Design (with two semesters were the language of instruction is English) and a Master’s Degree Programme in Product Design (the language of instruction is English). The Department also offers research and development activities according to the department`s research programme “Product Design: Materiality, processes and the future environment”.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Technology, Art and Design  • Department of Product Design

Bachelor Level Programs

The Bachelor’s Degree Programmes have a duration of 3 years: Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Product Design

Master Level Programs

The Master’s Degree Programmes have a duration of 2 years: Master’s Degree Programme in Product Design

Research Activity and Main Areas

Department of Product Design: The department`s research group is called Design, culture and sustainability. The focus is on the following topics: 

• Innovation with materials  

• Design for health 

• Game design and gaming, game dynamics 

• User, designer and client perspectives  

• Aesthetic practice and cultural diversity 

• Culture and sustainability  

The R&D commitment of the faculty staff focuses on process and methods, artistic research and aesthetics. Specific research projects can relate to:  

• Systems and product development promoting sustainable products  

• The relation between sensory experience and concept development in the design process  

• Aesthetic practice as a factor in creating communication and meaning  

• Design as a focus area in a health professions context  


For more information and contacts: 


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Department of Product Design: Bachelor’s degree programme: The curriculum is designed to accommodate student exchange schemes in the fourth and fifth semesters: • BAPD2210 Cultural understanding and Communication and BAPD2310 Cultural Understanding and product aesthetics in a theoretical perspective (fourth semester) • BAPD3100 Critical reflection in design practice and BAPD3000 Dynamic Project Management (fifth semester) Master’s degree programme: On request

Application Deadlines

Application deadline for applicants from the EU/EEA-area and the Nordic countries: • Spring semester: 1 October • Autumn semester: 15 April Application deadline for applicants from outside the EU/EEA-area and the Nordic countries: • Spring semester: 1 October • Autumn semester: 15 April Details: Exchange students – OsloMet

Teaching Languages

Department of Product Design: BA in Product Design: Fourth and fift semester are taught in English. MA in Product Design: Taught entirely in English

Semester Dates

Autumn Semester: Mid-August to end of December Spring Semester: Beginning of January to Mid-June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Approximately NOK 9 000,- per month (no tuition fee)

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