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National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Institute of Applied Arts

Taiwan (China) Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

One of the main goals of our department is to achieve the reality of blending art and design based on human demands. In the two majors we offer, Industrial Design and Trans-disciplinary Arts, research theories and application modules are developed and well interwoven. The search for the balance between creative process and abstract structure is focused in order to nurture the artist/designer. The cultivated learning environment and strong kinship between students and faculty will provide mutual growth for all. A diverse group of students coming together from different disciplines manifests a broad range of eye-opening designs, stimulating the growth of each student through the search for life’s meaning.

International Role

With the coming of globalization trend, international collaboration is inevitable for our institute, a leading graduate school of design in Taiwan. In the past years, we have invited several professors and designers from varied countries to have lectures or to host workshop in my school. We have conducted jointed design workshops with Tama Art University and Future University of Japan. We would like to share the experience of what the critical role design have played in the rapid economic growing country of Taiwan.

National Role

Since our institute has been regarded as the best graduate school of design in Taiwan, we always play the role of benchmark in my country. We have collaborated with other design schools in Taiwan to jointly conduct exhibitions, workshops and conference. We have also collaborated with several local industrials, especially some computer and communication related industrials, such as Acer, BenQ and Liteon.

Main Focus

MA, design, studio art, research

Faculties and Departments

Institute of Applied Arts

Bachelor Level Programs


Master Level Programs

MA in Design, 2 Years

MA in Trans-disciplinary Arts, 2-3 Years

Research Activity and Main Areas

(1) Digital multimedia design, (2) Technology art, (3) Game aesthetics,(4) Art psychology, and (5) Visual perception, (6) Ergonomics, (7) Kansei engineering, (8) Color theory, (9) CAID, (10) Interface design, (11) Interactive design, (12) Design culture, (13) Study of form and style.

Doctorate Level Programs

PhD in Design

PhD in Trans-disciplinary Arts

3 – 7 years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Industrial Design / Trans-disciplinary Arts

Application Deadlines

Please refer to the below web page.



Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Sep 10~ Dec 31;  Feb 10~ May 31


Master: 40
Doctorate: 35

Exchange Students

Outgoing: 4

Teaching Staff

Professors: 6
Part-time Teachers: 6

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