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National Research Tomsk State University

Scientific-educational center "Siberian Centre for Industrial Design and Prototyping"

Russia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The highest priority of the University is to educate broad-minded, cultured individuals capable of independent scientific and philosophical accomplishments. University staff are actively developing modern approaches and techniques in all areas of activity, faithful to the traditions of their predecessors and enhancing the University’s status in the contemporary Russian and international scientific and educational environment.

International Role

Creation of a scientific research and experimental platform of world level in the field of industrial design.
 New markets forecasting of socially-oriented services and services based on centers of competence in the field of industrial design and innovation management. Encouraging of a new generation of technology and creative start-UPS as the world-class Siberian brands.

National Role

Conceptual design and forming of technological trends, that can affect on innovative and competitive climate of the Siberian Federal district. The creation of intellectual, design and technology hub of the industrial design on the basis of design Center of TSU as a driver of the real sector of economy of the region. Running the model LLL – Life Long Learning (garden-school-University-Additional professional education | quantrums, technoparks, Design Academy).
The establishment of a Regional endowment Fund for the development of design as mediator between business, government, professional societies and consumer of the New product.

Main Focus

  • Art and Science.
  • Design and Technology.
  • Bachelor of Arts | Design | Research
  • Master  of Arts | Design | Research

Faculties and Departments

1. Design Department (at the premises of TSU)

Area of expertise:

  • Graphic Design
  • Costume Design
  • Industrial design

-The QS World University Ranking (at the premises of SDC):

2. SDC in collaboration with Singapore University of Technology & Design

Area of expertise:

  • Architecture and Sustainable Design
  • Engineering Product Development
  • Engineering Systems and Design

3. SDC in collaboration with AALTO University

Area of expertise:

  • Film, TV and Scenography Making
  • Media
  • Design
  • Architecture

Bachelor Level Programs

1. ВА in Design – 4 years.

2. BA in Science – 4 years; BA in Engineering – 4 years.

3. BA in Arts – 3 years.

Master Level Programs

1. MA in Industrial Design – 2 years.

2. MA in Architecture – 2 years.

3. MA  in Arts – 2 years.

Research Activity and Main Areas

  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing  technology of market research
  • Facility Design of city infrastructure
  • Development programs in Design 

Doctorate Level Programs

DА in Arts.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

The exchange programs are determined by the choosing faculty:

  1. Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (Mathematics, Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling)
  2. Faculty of Radiophysics (Radio physics)
  3. Faculty of Physics and Engineering  (Applied mechanics)
  4. Faculty of Physics (Physics)
  5. Faculty of Innovative Technologies (Applied Computer Science)
  6. Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Software Engineering, Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology, Applied Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)
  7. Biological Institute (Forestry Management, Biology, Ecology and Environmental Management)
  8. Faculty of Psychology (Psychology)
  9. Institute of Economics and Management (Management, Economics)
  10. Faculty of Philosophy (Social Sciences, Political Science, Philosophy)
  11. Faculty of Geology and Geography (Geology)
  12. Faculty of Chemistry (Chemistry)
  13. Faculty of History (History, International Relations, Russian Regional Studies, Foreign Regional Studies)
  14. Faculty of Philology (PR and Publicity)
  15. Institute of Law (Legal Studies)
  16. Faculty of Philology (Philology)
  17. Faculty of Foreign Languages  (Linguistics)
  18. Faculty of Journalism (Journalism)
  19. Faculty of Physical Education (Physical Education)
  20. Institute of Arts and culture (Cultural Studies, Museology and Protection of Cultural and Natural, Heritage, Library and Information Activities, Design Music and Theatre, Concert Performance, Art Direction of Symphony Orchestra and Academic Choir, Teacher Education)

Application Deadlines

Deadline for spring programms – 15 November;
Deadline for autumn and full year programms – 15 May.

Teaching Languages

Russian, English

Semester Dates

The academic year consists of two terms. The first term is September 1-January 25 and so there are seventeen academic weeks and two examination weeks during this period. The second academic term usually begins in the second week of February. It consists of 18 academic weeks and 3 examination weeks. So the academic year in Russia ends on June 30.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living in residence hall – about 13 euro per month;
Money for living – about 72 euro per week;
Cost of studying depends on the conditions of the choosing programms.


Bachelor: 12288
Master: 2637
Doctorate: 702

Exchange Students

Incoming: 138
Outgoing: 68

Teaching Staff

Professors: 288
Lectures: 1464

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