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National Cheng Kung University

College of Planning and Design

Taiwan (China) Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

As an incubator of creativity, our College bears the responsibility to capture society’s demands, from both local and global perspectives. Practically speaking, we pursue a better application of innovation by bringing together technology, cultures and real life knowledge to improve quality of living. To offer a sustainable academia for studying and learning quality of living environment is the primary goal of the College of Planning and Design.

International Role

In this globalized world, we realize that creating a niche of our own is the key to success. Thus, we emphasize on three main issues including "sustainability", "smart" and "creative" in our education. Currently, we have exchange program with Auburn University, Washington University, UCLA, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University of Glasgow, University of the West of England, TU Delft, Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, Universidade de São Paulo, Niigata University, Kyoto University, Keio University, KAIST, Hanyang University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, College of Creative Studies, Kyushu University, and etc.

National Role

We are proud to say that all the above-mentioned departments and institutes were founded as pioneers and have been playing leading roles in their academic fields in Taiwan.

Main Focus

The Main Focus for Department of Architecture, Industrial Design, and Urban Planning are all focus on all of the BA, MS, and PhD program. However, the Institute of Creative Industries Design does not have BA program that it focus on both MA and PhD program.

Faculties and Departments

The College of Planning and Design, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), emerged in August 2003 from the College of Engineering, and initially included the Department of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning and Department of Industrial Design. In 2006, the Institute of Creative Industries Design was created to initiate another new post-graduate program.

Bachelor Level Programs

BS in Department of Architecture

BA in Department of Architecture

BA in Department of Industrial Design

BA in Department of Urban Planning

Master Level Programs

MS in Department of Architecture

MS in Department of Industrial Design

MS in Department of Urban Planning

MS in Institute of Creative Industries Design

Research Activity and Main Areas

Department of Architecture:
Design Theory and Computing Group, Architectural and Environmental Planning Group, Architecture History and Conservation Group, Building Structure Group, Construction and Management Group, and Building Performance and Environment Control Group.

Department of Industrial Design:
Strategic Design, Ergonomics and Interaction Design, Collaborative Design, Cognitive and Kansai Experience Design.

Department of Urban Planning:
Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Renewal, Urban Economics,  Transportation Planning, Agent-based Modelling.

Institute of Creative Industries Design:
Brand & Marketing Planning, Media & Interaction Design, Industry & Service Innovation.

Doctorate Level Programs

PhD in Department of Architecture

PhD in Department of Industrial Design

PhD in Department of Urban Planning

PhD in Institute of Creative Industries Design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

The subject could be any issue in either architecture design, industrial design, urban planning, or creative industries design.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines for exchange students to NCKU are April 30 for the fall semester and October 30 for the spring semester.

Teaching Languages

The courses offered in our college is mainly in Chinese, while there are 59 courses lectured in English. However most of the courses can be bilingual if there are exchange students in the class.

Semester Dates

Fall semester: September – January 

Spring semester: February – June 

No class during summer.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

500 USD


Bachelor: 650
Master: 578
Doctorate: 190

Exchange Students

Incoming: 36
Outgoing: 42
Others: 5

Teaching Staff

Professors: 65
Lectures: 5
Other permanent teachers: 1
Part-time Teachers: 55

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