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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

School of Art, Design and Media

Singapore , Singapore Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

To provide world-class education and conduct cutting-edge research in the areas of design, media and art history, culture & heritage to achieve international eminence and to create professional and nurture leaders to serve society with integrity and excellence.

International Role

Strategically located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has become a hub to reach out to the two largest economies of this region, China and India and is an important gateway to the countries of Southeast Asia. To ADM this provides a unique opportunity to offer Asian and  multicultural facets to education while retaining the Western route of thoughts and philosophy on design and media education. Due to this, ADM has attracted faculty from more than 20 countries, besides making strategic connections with universities such as the Royal college of Art, London,  RMIT University, Melbourne, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, University of the Arts, London, Loughborough University, Loughborough and many others. Collaborations in terms of student exchange, faculty exchange and joint research have been possible.

National Role

ADM is the first school for design and media education at university level in Singapore and that too within a university of technology. This has enabled ADM to be a leader in setting the curricula and directions for undergraduate education in Singapore. ADM is constantly working with DesignSingapore Council (DSg) and Infocom and Media Development Authority (IMDA) in establishing the links with the relevant government authorities as well as the industry. Having graduated 12 batches of professional in design and media, ADM has also built a close relationship with its alumni offering an influencing role in the industry while benefitting from the links that the alumni bring within Singapore and the region. ADM has nearly 50 part time faculty, all working together with the 50 full time faculty in offering a world class undergraduate programme.
In terms of graduate programmes and research, ADM is an important source of cutting edge research projects in design, media and art history, culture & heritage. ADM is continuously successful in winning grants from the Ministry of Education, National Research Foundation and National Council for Social Sciences besides getting funds from private enterprises for the research. 
ADM’s Master of Museum Studies and Curatorial Practice (MSCP) is the first dedicated masters for museum studies and curatorial practice and has become a training ground for local and regional talents in these areas. through MSCP, ADM has built a very strong relationship with the museums, galleries and government agencies in Singapore.

Main Focus

a) Undergraduate education – to develop interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programmes together with the Humanities and Social Sciences and Science and Engineering with creativity and design thinking at the core.  At the undergraduate level ADM intends to guide students to fully appreciate that learning is the natural consequence of thinking and experimentation. The overall focus is on the seamless interlocking of hard and soft sciences and the embodiment of the priorities of the STEAM alliance (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and its successful implementation.

b) Graduate education – MA(Research), MA(Coursework) and PhD – with a focus on the merging of theory and practice in a larger sociocultural context, leading to advanced scholarly explorations of specific research topics both as significant artistic undertakings and as social communication.

Faculties and Departments

1) Design Art major with pathways in a) Interaction, b) Product Design, c) Visual Communication
2) Media Art major with pathways in a) Animation, b) Filmmaking, c) Games and d) Photography
3) Art History  – support faculty for the undergraduate programmes
4) Foundation – support faculty for the undergraduate programmes

Bachelor Level Programs

1) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design Art
2) Bachelor of fine Arts (BFA) in Media Art
3) Bachelor of Art (BA), double major in English Literature and Art History (together with the School of Humanities)
4) Second Major in Art History (for non-ADM students)
5) Minor in Art History (for ADM students)

6) Minor In Photography


Master Level Programs

1) Master of Arts (M.A.) 
2) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Art, Design and Media
3) Master of Arts (M.A.) in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices

Research Activity and Main Areas

c) Research – A primary focus on Art, Design, Media and Cultural Heritage with focus on interdisciplinary research with technology and the sciences. Impactful projects involve: wearable technology, product design for autonomous driving, and the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage though digital technology. Collaborations with the humanities explore design, art, animation and film studies within the multi-cultural environment and rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia and in particular Singapore. Museum and curatorial studies, together with art history, form another peak area. Many of ADM's faculty are not only excellent scholars but also outstanding practitioners in their fields. The school has shown strength in establishing practice-led research along with traditional scholarly formats. Its success has been demonstrated by numerous local and international grant awards and publication in prestigious journals, conferences, exhibitions and festivals.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All level 2 and 3 courses in 
1) Design Art (product design, interaction and visual communication)
2) Media Art (Animation, Game, Filmmaking, Photography)
3) Art History
4) Other courses in the university that will accept exchange students of design and media
There may be prerequisites to before taking some modules. Best to consult with the school before choosing – there may be waivers due to students have done modules that are nearer to the prerequisite in their home institute

Application Deadlines

Study: Nomination Deadlines- Semester 1 (Fall) – 15 March (deadline)

                                                  Semester 2 (Spring) – 15 September (deadline)

           Application Period-  Semester 1 (Fall) – 01 to 30 March

                                             Semester 2 (Spring) – 01 to 30 September 

Research: Submit online application at least 3 months prior to the start of Research Project.

In your research application, you will need to indicate the name of the Professor and the project title that you will be working on. Please refer to the Research Directory.  Students should already have a confirmed Supervisor/Professor and project title upon application.


Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Semester 1: Starts the second week of August and ends Mid-November
Semester 2: Starts the second week of January and end early May. 

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

The living costs you incur will depend on your lifestyle.  On average, students should prepare an estimated SGD 5,000 per semester to defray costs such as accommodation, food, transportation, personal expenses, textbooks etc.


Bachelor: 620
Master: 20
Doctorate: 22

Exchange Students

Incoming: 50
Outgoing: 65
Others: 15

Teaching Staff

Professors: 36
Lectures: 11
Part-time Teachers: 53

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