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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

School of Art, Design and Media

Singapore , Singapore Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The School of Art Design and Media (ADM) at NTU, provides world-class education and conducts cutting-edge research in technologically-enabled art, design, and media practice. ADM is consistently ranked in the top #50 Art and Design Schools in the world (QS rankings) and in the top #10 in Asia. We are committed to cultivating a community of creative leaders and thinkers who are responsive to real-world challenges. Our graduates serve as active and compassionate stewards of the future in Asia and beyond.

International Role

Strategically located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is an important gateway to the countries of Asia. ADM provides a unique opportunity for an international education within an Asian setting, and our students are encouraged to think globally. Our faculty come from more than 20 countries and maintain strong connections with leading institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Royal College of Art London, University of Art and Design Linz, Maryland Institute College of Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, City University of Hong Kong, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Southern California, and many others. Faculty and students enjoy many opportunities for collaboration and exchange.

National Role

Founded in 2005, ADM was established as the first professional art, design and media school within a comprehensive University level in Singapore, and has been a leader in setting the curricula and directions for undergraduate education in the applied arts in Singapore. ADM works closely with DesignSingapore Council (DSg) and Infocom and Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore. Alumni from our undergraduate and graduate programs hold notable positions in the creative industry as artists or creative professionals, and many have founded pioneering companies.

ADM is an important source of cutting edge research projects in art, design, media, culture & heritage. Faculty are consistently successful in winning grants from the Ministry of Education, National Arts Council, National Research Foundation and National Heritage Board, amongst others.

Main Focus

ADM offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Arts, with 7 core specialisations in Animation, Film, Game, Interaction, Photography, Product Design, and Visual Communication. The school actively maintains its position in Singapore as the leading institution for effective and excellent education in art, design and media practice. While emphasizing disciplinary strength, the school encourages interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborations to build future-looking capacities. Research and teaching collaborations exist with other schools at NTU, including the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), the School of Humanities (SoH), the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE), the School of Social Sciences (SSS), and the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), amongst others.

In graduate education, ADM offers unique Masters of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy research programs with academic as well as practice options, enabling creative research opportunities within a spectrum of academic areas. A coursework Master of Arts in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practice (MSCP) prepares graduates for the complex and diverse museum landscape in Asia, and is the first dedicated regional program of its sort. It is a well-respected training ground for local and regional talents in these fields.

Faculties and Departments

1) Design Art major with pathways in a) Interaction, b) Product Design, c) Visual Communication
2) Media Art major with pathways in a) Animation, b) Filmmaking, c) Games and d) Photography
3) Art History – programmes
4) Foundation – undergraduate programmes

Bachelor Level Programs

1) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design Art
2) Bachelor of fine Arts (BFA) in Media Art
3) Bachelor of Art (BA), double major in English Literature and Art History (together with the School of Humanities)
4) Second Major in Art History (for non-ADM students)
5) Minor in Art History (for ADM students)

6) Minor In Photography

7) Minor in Film (offered with College of Humanities and Social Sciences)


Master Level Programs

1) Master of Arts (M.A.)  in Arts, Design and Media
2) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Art, Design and Media
3) Master of Arts (M.A.) in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices

Research Activity and Main Areas

ADM research faculty lead innovative research into unique topics of high relevance and importance to the Singaporean society. For example:

·         Creating empathy and understanding of the problem of diabetes in Singapore through VR game-play.

·         Addressing issues of visual plagiarism in education and publishing.

·         Increase engagement with the works of William Shakespeare through VR and animation.

·         Preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage though digital technology.

·         Visualisation of a lost heritage garden in Singapore in 360 video.

·         Impacts of spatially and temporally varying sea level on trading ports and routes

Other research projects involve collaborations to explore design, art, animation and film studies within the multi-cultural environment and rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia and in particular Singapore. Many of ADM's faculty are not only excellent scholars but also outstanding practitioners in their fields. The school has shown strength in establishing practice-led research along with traditional scholarly formats. Its success has been demonstrated by numerous local and international grant awards and publication in prestigious journals, conferences, exhibitions and festivals.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All level 2 and 3 courses in 
1) Design Art (product design, interaction and visual communication)
2) Media Art (Animation, Game, Filmmaking, Photography)
3) Art History
4) Other courses in the university that will accept exchange students of design and media
There may be prerequisites to before taking some modules. 

Application Deadlines

Nomination Deadlines

Semester 1 (Fall) – 15 March (deadline)

Semester 2 (Spring) – 15 September (deadline)

Application Period

Semester 1 (Fall) – 01 to 30 March

Semester 2 (Spring) – 01 to 30 September

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Semester 1: Starts the second week of August and ends Mid-November
Semester 2: Starts the second week of January and end early May. 

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Students incur living costs. On average, students should prepare an estimated SGD 5,000 per semester to defray costs such as accommodation, food, transportation, personal expenses, textbooks etc.


Bachelor: 520
Master: 20
Doctorate: 22

Exchange Students

Incoming: 45
Outgoing: 40
Others: 15

Teaching Staff

Professors: 35
Lectures: 11
Part-time Teachers: 50

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