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Mission Statement

The major of Visual Communication Design aims to cultivate professionals with international design cultural vision, Chinese design cultural characteristics, suitable for the needs of the innovation era, integrating traditional print (printing) media and modern digital media, in the field of professional design, enterprises, communication institutions, and large enterprises. Specialized talents engaged in the design, teaching and management of visual communication in secondary institutions and research units.

The environmental design major aims to cultivate environmental design professionals who have solid basic theory of environmental design, design skills, innovation ability and strong comprehensive quality, and can be engaged in design, management, scientific research or teaching work focusing on the innovation of human settlements. Cultivate students' dual qualities of art and technology, so that they have keen observation, innovative thinking ability and design expressiveness. Students are required to be able to skillfully use the relevant principles and laws required for environmental design, and be able to deal well with the relationship between form and material, structure, process and function in environmental design, and establish a friendly relationship between people and the environment.

The industrial design major aims to cultivate a solid industrial design basic theory, basic knowledge and application ability, an international vision and a sense of social responsibility, a comprehensive creative way of thinking and teamwork spirit, and can be in the fields of information, home appliances, transportation and national defense. Enterprises, institutions, professional design institutions and scientific research units engaged in the development, research, planning, education and management of industrial product innovation design and related service model and business model design, human-machine interaction design, environment and display design and other fields.

International Role

Jointly undertake industrial design with Coventry University in the UK (a Sino-British cooperative education project), aiming at the innovative design needs of the automobile, ship, motorcycle, electric vehicle and other transportation industries, and cultivate "international vision, national feelings, social responsibility, and professional literacy". Industrial design professionals, that is, professionals who have solid basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills of industrial design, active innovative thinking, teamwork awareness and cooperation ability, and are interested in serving the revitalization and development of local industries in the design of automobiles, ships and various types of transportation.

National Role

It has cultivated a large number of leading talents and design pioneers for China's design industry and education sector. The trained students have won more than 600 awards in various major design competitions at all levels. Nearly 50 graduates have worked in Beijing Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Jiangnan University and other famous universities. More than 100 graduates have worked in well-known enterprises such as CCTV, Alibaba, Tencent, Sunac, Aoya, Huawei, Xiaomi, SAIC, Host, Yindu Ogilvy and Mather, and more than 37% of graduates have gone to Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Royal College of Art, Politecnico di Milano, Italy As well as the American Art Center School of Design, Pratt School of Art, Purdue University, Auburn University and other famous universities at home and abroad to continue to study for master's and doctoral degrees.

Faculties and Departments

School of Design Arts and Media
Department of Industrial Design
Department of Visual Communication Design
Department of Environmental Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Professional Name: Visual Communication
Duration of study: 4 years
Degree Title: Bachelor of Design
Core courses: text design, graphic design, layout design, advertising design, packaging design, book design, animation design, interface design, interaction design, corporate image design
Main practice: sketching, folk research, understanding practice, graduation design, graduation practice, brand strategy design practice, digital media design practice

Professional Name: Environmental Design
Duration of study: 4 years
Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts
Core courses: Environmental Design Psychology, Fundamentals and Principles of Landscape Design, Fundamentals and Principles of Environmental Space Design, Fundamentals and Principles of Interior Design, Analysis and Expression of Environmental Design, Application of Virtual Realization Technology of Environmental Design, Environmental Design Drawing, Principles and Methods of Landscape Ecological Design, Landscape Design Engineering and Practice, Interior Design Engineering in Practice
Main Practice: Folklore and Research, Cognitive Practice, Landscape Design Engineering and Practice, Interior Design Engineering in Practice, Graduation Practice, Graduation Design

Professional Name: Industrial Design
Duration of study: 4 years
Degree Title: Bachelor of Engineering
Core courses: Introduction to Design, Design Art History, Fundamentals of Product Design, Engineering Fundamentals, Hand Drawing, Computer-Aided Design, Applied Electronics, Sensor Interaction Technology, Control Technology, Product Structure Design, Materials and Technology, Ergonomics, Information and Interaction Design, special project design (series)
Main practice: metal craftsmanship practice, design research, graduation practice, graduation design

Professional Name: Industrial Design (Sino-British Cooperative Education Project)
Duration of study: 4 years
Degree Title: Bachelor of Engineering
Core courses: Introduction to Design, Design Art History, Formal Fundamentals, Expression Techniques, Product Form Design and Research, Ergonomics, Computer Aided Vehicle Design, User Research, Automotive Styling Design, Automotive Interior Design, Vehicle Conceptual Design, etc
Main practice: automobile sludge model, metal craftsmanship practice, graduation practice, graduation design, etc

Master Level Programs

Subject: Design
Research direction: industrial design, visual communication design, environmental art design, interaction design
Duration of study: 2.5 years
Degree Title: Master of Arts
Core Courses: Design Research Methods, Design Data Processing and Analysis, Design Art History Research, Design Aesthetics, Design Psychology, Design Semantics, Ergonomics Principles and Design Applications, Product Information and Interaction Design Research, Service Design and Product Innovation Research, Product System Design Theory and Application, Design Management and Strategy Research, Rural Revitalization Design Special Research, Traditional Architectural Culture Innovation Design, Smart Elderly Care Design Special Research, Comparative Research of Chinese and Foreign Gardens, Public Art Design and Theoretical Research, Brand Strategy, Digital Media Design, Information and Data Lake Visualization Research, Design Culture Special Research, Graphic Design and Semantics Research
Main practice: opening report, academic exchange and academic report, graduation thesis

Subject: Industrial Design Engineering
Research Areas: Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Art Design, Digital Media and Information Interaction Design
Duration of study: 2.5 years
Degree Title: Master of Engineering
Core courses: Design Research Methods, Design Art History Research, Design Aesthetics, Design Psychology, Brand Strategy, Ergonomics Principles and Design Applications, User Research and Interaction Design, Environmental Art Design Engineering Fundamentals, Visual Communication Technology Fundamentals, Industrial Design Engineering Fundamentals, Product Design Practice, Environmental Design Practice, Digital Media and Information Interaction Design Practice, Visual Communication Design Practice, Competition Design, Design Management, Design Frontier Research
Main practice: opening report, academic exchange and academic report, graduation thesis

Doctorate Level Programs

Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Research direction: Industrial design
Duration of study: 4-6 years
Degree Title: Doctor of Engineering
Core courses: matrix analysis and calculation, ergonomics principles and research methods, theoretical basis and application of finite element method, design cognition and user research, human-machine interaction and information visualization research, human-machine simulation design and application, artificial intelligence and design, service Design Research, Design Culture and Design Philosophy
Main practice: academic reports at the forefront of the discipline, academic exchanges and academic reports, graduation thesis

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