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Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design

Germany Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

At the centre of the Muthesius University's focus is art and design, the creative and productive. Around this centre there revolves the fundamental relationship between theory and practice. This reciprocal relationship is a permanent process, a circular movement around the centre held by art and design. It needs free space to move. Thus, the first condition for art and design at our university is freedom. To study at the Muthesius is the desire to use this freedom to mature into an equally, creative and productivepersonality. IN this way, we can provide our students with personal biographies. (AZ)

International Role

The Muthesius University of Fine Arts and DEsign holds a range of bilateral agreements with European partner universities in the framework of ERasmus (Erasmus University Charter) and is open to new agreements on behalf of student mobility. International lecturers are always a part of these required courses. Young people from over 30 countries around the world come together in Kiel to study art and design. They make up 14 per cent of the student body, with an increasing tendency. This puts the Muthesius University above the national average. 
– four equivalent courses in Art and Design
– Bachelor of (Fine) Arts, 8 semestres
– Master of (Fine) Arts, 4 semestres
– interdisciplinary events (workshops, symposia, seminars)
– well-equipped workshops

National Role

Muthesius University of Art and Design is the only Art University in the State of Schleswig-Holstein. Muthesius cooperates with social, cultural and academic institutes of Schleswig-Holstein is thus self-evident. Excellent academics of our University have been brought together in excellence clusters with top researchers of other education partners (University of Kiel, University Hospital…) from the region.

Main Focus

– B.A. and M.A. drgrees in Art, Design and Spatial Strategies
– fundamental relationship between theory and practice
– developing culturally relevant biographies
– place of particular experimentation and realization

Faculties and Departments

Spatial Strategies
Fine Arts
Centre for Media
Institute of the science of Art, Design and Media

Bachelor Level Programs

Fina Arts BFA (Sculpture, Ceramics, Media Art, Painting, Free Drawing and Print)
Art for Secondary Schhol Teachers B.A.
Scenography/Interior Design B.A.
Communication Design B.A.
Industrial Design B.A.

Master Level Programs

Communication Design M.A.
Interface Design M.A.
Medical Design M.A.
Spatial Strategies M.A.
Fine Arts M.A.
Art for Secondary Teachers M.A.

Research Activity and Main Areas

– visualization of Science, cooperation projects in Clusters if Excellence (suatainability, artistic research, medical design, mobility…)
– PhD projects in design studies, media and Spatial Strategies

Doctorate Level Programs

Design studies
Media studies
Spatial Strategies

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All B.A. and M.A.

Application Deadlines

15th of May (winter term/whole year)
15th of November (summer term)

Teaching Languages

German / English

Semester Dates

summer terms: 1.4.-30.9.
winter terms: 1.10.-31.3.

Lecture dates are varying every year:

summer term 2023: 11.04.2023-21.07.2023

winter term 23/24: 23.10.2023-16.02.2024

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

monthly approximately € 900

(no tuition fees in Schleswig-Holstein!)

semester contribution for student services and local transport: apx € 260


Bachelor: 402
Master: 237
Doctorate: 19

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20-30
Outgoing: 30-40

Teaching Staff

Professors: 29
Lectures: 17
Part-time Teachers: 88

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