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Mid Sweden University

Department of Natural Science, Design and Sustainable Development

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Mission Statement

We see the importance of social responsibility and care about the impact of all the decisions we take and how they affect people. Therefore we have a big focus on a sustainable society during the entire education where we work with creative design solutions. Good design contributes to mutual understanding and in the long term – a better world. 


International Role

We are a part of the Erasmus exchange program and have collaboration with partner universities.



National Role

The designs programs have close collaboration with companies in the private and public sector, both regionally and nationally.



Main Focus

BA Graphic Design: In this program, the focus is on design for a sustainable society. The mixture of graphic design and visual communication and a niche in packaging design is an unbeatable combination when it comes to develop ideas that make a difference. Reflecting the digitalization of society, courses and projects in digital design are fundamental parts as well as the principles of universal design. During their 3-year-study, students are trained to use their skills and creativity to change society and move markets towards new modes and behaviours. Here, knowledge and understanding in scientific research and artistic processes are prerequisites for being able to make conscious and relevant design decisions for many people and the environment. That is why we implemented the UN's global goals for sustainable development in the BA Graphic design education plan at Mid Sweden University.

BA Industrial Design: A big part of being an industrial designer is to be good at analysing problems and solving those problems with design solutions. You need to see and understand how people act in different situations. You will also learn how design is affecting the environment, people and structures in society. The education is focusing on both theoretical and practical learning to give you the tools to work as a professional designer.

Courses in Photography
Our world is increasingly dependent on visual communication, with more than 1.8 billion photographs uploaded to the Internet each day. How do we make meaning of this abundance of imagery? What messages are we sending out when we post, share or publish a given image? How can photography be used in artistic and academic research? Our courses in photography provide participants from a variety of fields with a foundation in visual literacy of – and through -photography.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Natural Science, Design and Sustainable Development​
Design unit
Bachelor in Graphic Design 
Bachelor in Industrial Design
Courses in Photography, Graphic Design and Industrial Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Department of Natural Science, Design and Sustainable Development​
Design unit
BA in Graphic Design, 180 credits
BA in Industrial Design, 180 credits

Master Level Programs



Research Activity and Main Areas

In our Design research, scientific and artistic methods are integrated. In collaboration with Design Sciences at Lund University and HDK Valand at Gothenburg University we currently have three doctoral students in universal design and photography. We have several ongoing research projects focusing on for example universal design of everyday environments, recycling and waste mangement, women health and maternity welfare, evaluation tools for young people with disabilities, and how photography can contribute to a more socially and ecologically equitable world.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design unit
Industrial Design – Full spring semester: in total 30 ETCS
Graphic Design – Full spring semester: in total 30 ETCS.
Photography – Full spring and autumn semester: in total 60 ETCS.

Application Deadlines


Teaching Languages

All exchange: English

Semester Dates

For spring semester: Mid January to 1st week of June

For the autumn semester: First week of September to mid-January

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)



Bachelor: 130
Doctorate: 3

Teaching Staff

Professors: 10
Lectures: 65
Other permanent teachers: 5

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