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Maryland Institute College of Art

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Mission Statement


EMPOWER students to forge creative, purposeful lives and careers in a diverse and changing world. THRIVE with Baltimore. MAKE the world we imagine.


A just, sustainable, and joyful world activated and enriched by artists, designers, and educators who are valued for their leadership and imagination.


  • We assert the centrality of artists, designers, and educators in society.
  • We shape culture.
  • We flourish through collaboration.
  • We embrace differences and champion equity.
  • We invent through thoughtful disruption.
  • We strive for excellence and rigor.
  • We act with intent and critical appraisal.
  • We model a community of care.
  • We take pride in our resilience.
  • We exemplify passion and conviction.
  • We have fun.

Bachelor Level Programs

BFA Animation, 4 years

BFA Architectural Design, 4 years

BFA/MAT Art Education, 5 years

BFA Art History, Theory and Criticism, 4 years

BFA Ceramics, 4 years

BFA Drawing, 4 years

BFA Fiber, 4 years

BFA Film & Video, 4 years

BFA Game Design, 4 years

BFA General Fine Arts, 4 years

BFA Graphic Design, 4 years

BFA Illustration, 4 years

BFA Interactive Arts, 4 years

BFA Interdisciplinary Sculpture, 4 years

BFA Painting, 4 years

BFA Photography, 4 years

BFA Printmaking, 4 years

BFA Product Design, 4 years

BFA Studio and Humanistic Studies, 4 years


Master Level Programs

MA Art Education, 1 year

MA Graphic Design, 1 year

MA Illustration, 1 year

MA Social Design, 1 year

MAT Art Education, 2 year

MFA Community Arts, 2 year

MFA Curatorial Practice, 2 year

MFA Filmmaking, 2 year

MFA Graphic Design, 2 year

MFA Illustration Practice, 2 year

MFA Hoffberger School of Painting, 2 year

MFA Mount Royal School of Art (Multidisciplinary), 2 year

MFA Photography, Media & Society, 2 year

MFA Rinehart School of Sculpture, 2 year

MFA Studio Art (Low Residency), 2 year

MA/MBA Design Leadership (with Johns Hopkins, Carey School of Business), 2 year

MPS Business of Art & Design, 1 year

MPS Data Analytics and Visualization, 1 year

MPS Product Management, 1 year

MPS UX Design, 1 year


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All subject areas (except Foundation courses)

Application Deadlines

Spring semester: 1 November of previous semester Fall semester: 1 April of previous semester

Teaching Languages


Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

$27,840 / 21,633€ Tuition $830 / 645€ Activity, Health & Technology Fee $7,910 / 6147€ Room & Board $1,400 / 1088€ Books & Supplies $1,300 / 1010€ Personal & Transportation Expenses


Bachelor: 1800
Master: 500

Exchange Students

Incoming: 28
Outgoing: 70
Others: 650

Teaching Staff

Professors: 158
Other permanent teachers: 130
Part-time Teachers: 170

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