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Mission Statement


LISAA is an art & design school recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It trains designers and managers in the fields of Animation, Video Games, Interior Architecture, Design, Graphic Design and Fashion.

LISAA is an incubator of creative minds: Our philosophy is to train and coach students find their way in their future porfessionnal practise, with particular attention to personal development and proximity: providing a human scale framework for studies, close relationship with the teaching staff, with professionals and withdesigners. Open to the world, LISAA encourages its students to study abroad through the ERASMUS program and do internships in companies abroad or in France. The school has established close links and partnerships with industry: internships, practical studies, collaborations with companies and industries both locally and nationally



International Role

Over 10% of LISAA’s students come from overesas, representing 12 nationalities. So as to match this growing demand, LISAA has been internationalizing its programs for the last few years by offering international classes in different specialities (BA or MA level):

LISAA is implementing tools ans means with the objective of developing mobility (studies, internships and teachers’ mobility), of developing interculturality and of offering international programs and classes.

LISAA has been developping :
– Information and communication for students and teachers
– Valorization of students’ mobility and internships
– Wokshop and classes with teachers and foreign students
– A network of companies facilitating internships

Over the past few years, LISAA has been developping academic partnership with:

Helmo (Liège / Belgium) www.helmo.be
Vilnius College of Design (Vilnius / Lithuania) www.dizainokolegija.lt
Thomas More Mechelen (Malines / Belgium) www.thomasmore.be
IED (Milan / Italy) www.ied.edu
IED (Madrid / Spain) www.ied.edu
IADE Instituto Superior de Design  (Lisbon / Portugal) www.iade.pt
VIA / The Netherlands http://en.via.dk/programmes/film-and-animation/
KISD (Koln Germany) https://kisd.de/en/international/
Hochschule (Trier Germany) http://www.hochschule-trier.de
Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/international/
Abadir Academy (Italie) http://www.abadir.net/

NABA Milan https://www.naba.it/

University of Applied Sciences MACROMEDIA – (Germany)http://www.mhmk-international.org/hochschule/standorte/campus-berlin.html

Leeds College of Arts (UK)

ARTCOM (Marocco)

Nazareth College, Rochester, New York (USA)
Universidad IEU – (Mexico) https://ieu.edu.mx/





National Role

LISAA has created a professional network of partners and developed with them various design projects. LISAA has also created links with local councils and various French and international companies.

LISAA is a member of national and international professional and academic networks, where higher education issues are discussed.

LISAA is a member of porfessional networks such as: SNJV, RECA, FDE… and recognised by UNAID


LISAA is member of the national CAMPUS FRANCE et CAMPUSART networks.

Main Focus

Our main focus is to prepare students for BA and Masters in applied arts (graphics, web, fashion, space) and to professional requirements

Faculties and Departments

LISAA Paris (France), LISAA Nantes (France), LISAA Rennes (France), LISAA Strasbourg (France), LISAA Bordeaux (France)

Bachelor Level Programs

BA Fashion textile

BA Fashion Pattern making

BA Fashion tech

BA 2D3D Animation

BA Visual effects

BA 2D3D Video game

BA Graphic design

BA Motion design

BA Interior Architecture & Product design

BA Connected design

Master Level Programs

MA Fashion luxury management

MA Fashion tech and e-business

MA1 2D3D Animation

MA Art direction

MA UX Design

MA Interior Architecture & Product design, minors: global design or service design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Graphic design, web design, interior design, fashion and textile, animation 2D3D, game design FX

Application Deadlines

Deadline may 30 for fall semester november 30 for spring semester

Teaching Languages

French mainly.

English classes available in Paris and Strasbourg campuses

Semester Dates

Fall semester: October – January

Spring semester: Febrary – May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Paris 800 to 1000 euros (studying and living) Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux, Strasbourg 600 to 800 euros (studying and living)


Bachelor: 4500
Master: 1200

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 20
Others: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 15
Lectures: 15
Other permanent teachers: 20
Part-time Teachers: 199

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