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International Role

Linköping University is a leading research university, with Design as one of its strategic development areas.

In the international context, LiU has participated in developing design for service as an area of research, e.g. by being co-founders of the Service Design and Innovation conference (ServDes), the professional association International Service Design Network (SDN). LiU is now one of the leading design research institutes within this area. In this area LiU is collaborating with, among others, Politecnico du Milano, AHO, Maastricht University, Univeristy of Porto, TU Köln, Karlstad University.

Within sustainable design LiU has a leading role, and are collaborating e.g. with Univeristy of Limerick

Within furniture design, Malmstens is well-renowned for its education.

Main Focus

Linköping University is one of Swedens largest design research and education universities, spanning over all levels of education from bachelor ovar master to doctoral degrees.

Bachelor Level Programs

Graphic Design and Communication

Design and Product Development

Arts and Crafts

Furniture Design

Master Level Programs

Design and Product Development



Research Activity and Main Areas

The LiU design network of researchers at Linköping University are engaged in several resarch areas, among those Design for Service, Design and Policy, Sustainable Design, Circular Design, Interaction Design and Visual Media.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Graphic Design and Communication

Design and Product Development

Teaching Languages




Bachelor: 150
Master: 70
Doctorate: 10

Teaching Staff

Professors: 5
Lectures: 10
Other permanent teachers: 7

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