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Mission Statement

Allowing young persons who wish to become designers to acquire the necessary technical and cultural foundations thanks to a programme of practical teaching : thus enabling them to join the design department within companies of any kind, specialized design agencies or create their own design studio.

International Role

Thanks to our « International Master of design”, we allow our students to carry out part of their course in a foreign country where design is highly developed (6 months’ work placement in Master 1). This period will allow them, at the end of their training, to join a French company positioned in international development or to carry out part or the totality of their designer career in a foreign country.

National Role

Allowing companies of our region to develop innovation thanks to design. Giving young people from our area the chance to train within their own region in order to become design professionals. Partnerships set up: our school has a partnership with the University of Pays de l’Adour (Sciences and materials engineering department). We have created together a professional block-release bachelor’s degree in design based on the association of technology and design (course created in 2009). Our school is a member of: – the Innovation Design Agency in charge of the design promotion in the Aquitaine region, – the SILOGRAPHIC cluster in charge of the development of graphic design professions, – the FDA (Aquitaine Designers Federation) which brings together all the professional designers working in the Aquitaine region.

Main Focus

Training students to become designers in the fields of product, graphic, packaging and space management and planning.

Faculties and Departments

Product design Spatial design Graphic design Packaging design

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of graphic and product design (3 years studies) Bachelor of spatial design (3 years studies)

Master Level Programs

Graphic and product design Master

Research Activity and Main Areas



Bachelor: 56

Teaching Staff

Professors: 18
Part-time Teachers: 18

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