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LaSalle College Vancouver

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Mission Statement

LaSalle College Vancouver's mission is to offer quality creative arts education that is comprehensive, current with labour market needs, and encourages self-actualization within a global context.

International Role

LaSalle College Vancouver is a member of the LCI Education network, whose mission is to connect our people to opportunity through quality education. Present today on 5 continents, the LCI Education network consists of 23 select higher education institutions, and some 3,000 employees offering instruction to over 17,000 students throughout the world each year. From one country to the next, LCI Education favors the harmonization of its programs, which makes for greater flexibility, better control over the quality of its services, and deeper respect towards the various cultures it works with.

National Role

LaSalle College Vancouver is a leading institution in applied arts and innovative education and relies on networking nationwide. The institution collaborates with its international campuses within the LCI Education Network but strongly engages with many businesses and other institutions and universities.

LaSalle College Vancouver is committed to its community and continuously participates and engages in a wide variety of community events and initiatives. For example, our Fashion students have the opportunity to participate and work on projects for Vancouver Fashion Show twice a year. Every department also holds Spotlight events where local industry professionals put together panels and presentations at the school. LaSalle College Vancouver encourages participation from local business in various ways, such as hosting quarterly Community Days where Vancouver businesses can attend to promote their companies and share their services with our students. Another example of this is our Portfolio Show where our graduating students showcase their final work to industry professionals, friends and family. LaSalle College Vancouver recognizes the importance of community engagement and collaboration and makes make sure to provide students and industry professionals many chances to connect.  

Main Focus

LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) is one of British Columbia's premier providers of quality creative arts education.

Faculties and Departments

Animation Art & Design

3D Modeling for Animation & Games

VFX for Film & Television

Game Art & Design

Game Programming

Visual & Game Programming

Interior Design

Graphic Design

Fashion Design

Fashion Marketing

Jewellery Design

Digital Film & Video

Digital Photography

Professional Recording Arts

Culinary Arts

Baking & Pastry Arts

Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership


Bachelor Level Programs

Associate of Arts Degree

Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design

Bachelor of Science in Game Programming

Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design

Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

Master Level Programs


Research Activity and Main Areas

Our faculty does not conduct official research projects for the college outside of curriculum development.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Fashion Design, Interior Design, Fashion Marketing

Application Deadlines

Varies; there are four intakes per year – January, April, July, and October.

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

There are four quarters per year (January, April, July, and October) with 2 week breaks in between each quarter.

Winter Quarter: January – mid March

Spring Quarter: April – mid June

Summer Quarter: July – mid September

Fall Quarter: October – mid December

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Minimum of $1,000 CAD per month.


Bachelor: 407 in 2019

Exchange Students

Incoming: 3~5
Outgoing: 3~5
Others: N/A

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 185
Other permanent teachers: 14
Part-time Teachers: 171

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