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Kristiania University College

School of Arts, Design and Media

Oslo , Norway Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The School of Arts, Design, and Media at the Kristiania University College is a department with a multitude of programs within arts and design, ranging from creative writing via performative arts, to music, film and design. The education is closely related to the practice field and the knowledge base relies on research and practice.

The School of Arts, Design, and Media and its programs aim to make a difference both within academia and in society. The strong bond between the institution and the practice field serves as a platform for a strong societal commitment, which the students also use as a point of departure for their investigations.

International Role

The School of Arts, Design, and Media at the Kristiania University College is a member of ELIA, AEC, CILECT, CIRRUS, the Nordic Baltic Network of Art and Design Higher Education Institutions. The dean of the school, Jørn Mortensen, is currently the vice-president of ELIA. The school’s network spreads out to 80 Universities and Colleges around the world via Erasmus agreements and Bilateral agreements.

National Role

The School of Arts, Design, and Media´s design programs play a significant role on a national level, offering academic and research opportunities with a different profile than other domestic programs. Being situated in the capital of Norway, Oslo, gives the academic and research environment as well as the students unique relational opportunities – both in regard to the market, politics, NGO’s, cultural life and innovation communities. It has a close relationship with the most important actors within the design industry in Norway. The School of Arts, Design, and Media plays an active part in The National Academic Council for Design Education.

Main Focus

All study programmes at the School of Arts, Design, and Media have close relationship with important actors within their industries in Norway and internationally. The education is focused towards the industries and towards research within the different fields.

Faculties and Departments

School of Arts, Design and Media

– Department of Communication and Design

– Department of Stage, Music and Studio

– Department of Film and Media

– The Norwegian University College of Dance

– The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Songwriting and Production

BA in Make-up and Hair Design

BA in Project Management Arts and Creative


BA in Music Production

BA in Popular Music

BA in Acting

BA in Art Direction

BA in Graphic Design

BA in Interior Architecture

BA in Retail Design

BA in Text and Copywriting

BA in Service Design

BA in 3D Graphics

BA in Film and TV

BA in Sound Design

BA in Script Writing

BA in Game Design

BA in Visual Effects

BA in Dance with Pedagogics

BA in Musical Theatre

Master Level Programs

Master of Arts (starts 2021)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Design history and Nordic typography

Fashion media


Social oriented design

Creative writing

Sustainability and design

Service design

Biodiversity design

Critical design

Universal design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

For design students, the primarry subjects areas are Graphic Design, Retail Design, 3D, Visual Effects, Game Design, Film & TV, Interior Design, Art Direction.

Application Deadlines

15 April (autumn semester), 15 October (spring semester – only open for exchange exceptionally)

Teaching Languages

Norwegian and English

Semester Dates

Medio August – Medio December (autumn semester); Primo January – primo June (spring semester)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

9000 – 11,500 NOK per month


Bachelor: 6407
Master: 356

Exchange Students

Incoming: 25-30
Outgoing: 80-90

Teaching Staff

Professors: 42
Lectures: 292
Part-time Teachers: 46

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