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Jilin Animation Institute

Jilin Animation Institute

Changchun , China Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Taking Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline, Innovation and Creation as motto, and based on the sense of “Responsible for Students, Responsible for Parents, Responsible for the industry, Responsible for Society, and Responsible for the Nation”, JAI sticks to its three schooling characteristics, which is Openness and International Orientation, Integration of Education, Research and Industry, and Specialization of Creative Products. JAI's development strategy focuses on social functions, global vision, entrepreneurial thinking, market consciousness, industrial system and commercial value. With its strategic positioning as the Creative Silicon Valley and Entrepreneurial Silicon Valley in the cultural and creative industries, JAI aims to build up an entrepreneurial system of joint entrepreneurship and integrated development. The institute will continuously drive the rapid, healthy, intrinsic and characteristic development of the itself. Our vision of JAI is a high-level, application-oriented college with high-quality education, distinctive characteristics, and a good reputation at home and abroad.

International Role

As a firm practitioner of its schooling characteristics, JAI actively promotes international exchanges and cooperation, and enhances the international influence of its majors. So far, JAI has established cooperation with more than 150 universities in 29 countries and regions, including Monash University in Australia and Domus Academy in Italy. We have invited 592 foreign experts as distinguished professors and visiting professors, such as Professor Michael Keane from Griffith University (Australia) and Colin Gale, former Head of School of Fashion and Textiles and Head of School of 3D Design of Birmingham City University. In the meantime, a foreign expert studio of such prominent professionals has been set up. Aspiring to form cultural brand effects of international high-end forums and summits, JAI has been very active in 87 international forums and exhibitions. In particular, we initiated the International Design Forum of Jilin, China and hosted the Exchange Show of Korea and China Women Graphic Designers. JAI has won numerous Red Dot Design Awards. The institute has been invited on an annual basis to events such as the TV Festival de Cannes, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, and the Licensing Expo, which are an excellent opportunities to showcase JAI’s original IPs, as well as to promote China’s outstanding traditional culture around the world.

National Role

The school currently has more than 12,000 undergraduate students. Up to now, JAI has cultivated nearly 40,000 high-quality applied talents. The first employment rate of graduates has always remained above 90%. JAI proved to be the top 50 colleges and universities with the highest graduate employment rates in 2015, and was selected for the “Second Batch of Demonstration Universities for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform by the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, JAI was rated as a Model College for the Transformation and Development of Jilin Province in 2019, and was selected for the Jilin High-Level Application-Oriented College Construction Project in March, 2020. Most recently, JAI was selected for Jilin’s First Batch of Provincial Demonstrative Modern Industry College Construction Project.

JAI actively cooperates with domestic colleges and universities and more than 40 industry associations, including China Animation Association, China Cultural Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector, China Private Education Association, and Jilin Animation and Game Association. Being a dedicated supporter of the development of the cultural industry, JAI organized the International Animation, Comics and Games Forum in Jilin, China, China Culture Industry Summit, China VR 2020 and the International Design Forum in Jilin, China.

By tapping into the school’s achievements in education, research and industry, JAI devotes itself to consolidating regional economy and driving cultural progress, and also plays a positive role in increasing cultural and educational exchanges and in encouraging economic development in China through active cooperation with relevant national and provincial departments, industry entities, and associations. JAI puts its focal point on cooperation within Jilin province by facilitating the construction of the cultural and creative economic zone and on a high-level communication platform.

Main Focus

Centering on the school positioning of “Integration of Education, Research and Industry”, JAI implements the strategy of “precision talents training” and “the open project orientated system”. Facing the entire industrial chain of the cultural and creative industry, JAI aims to comprehensively build a practical teaching platform for academic-industry connection, which focuses on the five systems of comics and game, film and television, design, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, business management and brand marketing. We strive to facilitate the construction of professionals through industrial clusters; lead teaching reforms through high-end industrial projects; and build up our talent pool through introduction of high-end professionals from domestic and foreign markets, in order to cultivate applied talents with outstanding professionalism, strong practical ability, deep cultural legacy, and high artistic accomplishments. JAI continues to improve its supporting role of technological innovation, and promotes the organic integration of education, culture, art, technology, and the market. Correspondingly, supporting establishments has been put into place, such as the Modern Animation Technology Department and the Game and Interactive Media Technology Department of the Engineering Research Center for Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province, and the Education-Research-Industry Cooperation Demonstration Base. JAI undertakes more than 50 national and provincial scientific research projects such as the National Science and Technology Support Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Talent Training Funding Project of China National Art Fund. The institute has published more than 100 research papers of SCI, EI, CSSCI, core journals of Beijing University and national academic journals.

By tapping into the advantages of being one of China’s Animation Teaching and Research Bases and of China’s Animation Industry Bases, JAI undertook the National Science and Technology Support Program and the Talent Training Funding Project; and has obtained 213 technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights including the Changbai Mountain National Park Virtual Tourism System; has mastered a series of key 18/50 technologies with independent intellectual property rights such as asset visualization, collision detection, expression capture, etc.; and has supported the large-scale production, nationwide theatrical release and sale of 3D animation films such as The Frog Kingdom, The Frog Kingdom: Sub-Zero Mission, Blind Date etc.

Faculties and Departments

Jilin Animation Institute (hereinafter referred to as “JAI”) was founded in June, 2000. It was admitted to be “Independent Undergraduate-level Private College” by Ministry of Education in China in 2008. At present, it has 15 branch schools: School of Animation Art, School of Comics, School of Game, School of Design, School of Industrial Design, etc.It has 36 undergraduate majors including animation, comics, digital media arts and visual communication design, covering five disciplines, namely, art, literature, engineering, economics and management.Among them, there are one National Characteristic Specialty Major, two National First-Class Undergraduate Specialty Major Construction Sites, one Provincial Characteristic and High-level Specialty Major, four Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Specialty Major Construction Sites, three Provincial Characteristic and High-level Specialty Majors, three Provincial Brand Specialty Majors, three Provincial Characteristic Specialty Majors. Also, one major has been approved by the Jilin Province High University Excellent Engineer Education Training Plan as the Test Major and 4 majors have been listed as Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Test Major.JAI has about 12,000 current students now,facing 30 provinces and autonomous regions to recruit students from the whole country. The employment rate for graduates is always keeping over 90%.

Bachelor Level Programs

1. Animation Direction: Animation, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts.

Duration:4 years, Class hours: 1933 hours

2. Comics Direction: Comics, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts.

Duration:4 years, Class hours: 2112 hours

3. Game Direction: Digital Media Art, New Media Technology, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts and the Bachelor's degree of Engineering.

Duration: 4 years, Class hours: 2060-2146

4. Design Direction: Art and Technology, Environmental Design, Production Design, Craft and Art, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts.

Duration:4 years, Class hours: 2012-2204

5. Film and Television: Broadcasting & Television Editing and Directing, Photography, Internet and New Media,Broadcasting & Hosting Art Profession, Drama Film & Literature, Performing Arts, Drama Film Director, Film and Television Photography and Production, Drama Art Design, Recording Arts, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts or the Bachelor’s Degree of Literature.

Duration: 4 years, Class hours: 2072-2742

6. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Direction: Software Engineering, Digital Media Technology, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Virtual Reality Technology, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

Duration: 4 years, Class hours: 1970-2000

7. Creative Industry Business Management and Brand Marketing Direction: Advertising, Marketing, Creative Industry Management, Internet Finance, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Management and the Bachelor’s Degree of Economics.

Duration: 4 years, Class hours: 2155-2254

8. Civil Aviation Direction: Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering, Aircraft Power Engineering, Aircraft Control and Information Engineering, being granted the Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

Duration:4 years, Class hours: 2276-2280

Master Level Programs

Co-work with Changchun University of Science and Technology,and jointly educated students to pursue a Master’s Degree. Three majors have been set up, including Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Electronic Information.

Duration: 3 years, Credits: 56 (no class hour required)

Research Activity and Main Areas

JAI carries out academic research and related talent training in multiple design majors and cultural innovations. Through the establishment of specialized research institutions and research teams, JAI focuses on the application and research of national and provincial social science funds, art funds, and humanities and social science funds. JAI applies itself to result transformation and lateral project cooperation and to giving full play to the advantages of internationalization. Based on the introduction of foreign talents, the institute organizes international design academic conferences, enhances the international vision of its team and broaden its field of research. Through holding the Asian Design Forum, participating in the China-Northeast Asia Expo and other events, JAI carries out academic design research, supported by Jilin provincial social science research fund projects and China’s social science and art fund projects.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

1. Environmental Design, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

2. Visual Communication Design, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

3. Fashion Design, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

4. Drama Art Design, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

5. Production Design, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

6. Art and Technology, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

7. Craft and Art, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

8. Film and Television Photography and Production, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

9. Marketing, Bachelor’s Degree of Management

10. Creative Industry Management, Bachelor’s Degree of Management

11. Internet Finance, Bachelor’s Degree of Economics.

12. Software Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

13. Digital Media Technology, Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

14. Data Science and Big Data Technology, Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

15. New Media Technology,Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

16. Virtual Reality Technology, Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

17. Advertising, Bachelor’s Degree of Literature

18. Internet and New Media, Bachelor’s Degree of Literature

19. Drama Film & Literature, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

20. Performing Arts, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

21. Drama Film Director, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

22. Recording Arts, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

23. Broadcasting & Hosting Art Profession, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

24. Broadcasting & Television Editing and Directing, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

25. Photography, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

26. Animation,Bachelor’s Degree of Arts. 

27. Digital Media Art,Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

28. Comics, Bachelor’s Degree of Arts

29. Animation (Visual Effects Direction, China-Foreign Cooperation Program), Bachelor’s Degree of Arts.

30. Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering, Animation,Bachelor’s Degree of Arts.

31. Aircraft Power Engineering, Animation,Bachelor’s Degree of Arts.

32. Aircraft Control and Information Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering

Application Deadlines

Spring Semester: From Sept. 1 – Oct. 31

Fall Semester: From Apr. 1 – May 30

Teaching Languages

Chinese, English

Semester Dates


Spring Semester: From March to July

Fall Semester: From September to January


Varies base on project

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Tuition Fee:

Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, Drama Art Design, Production Design, Art and Technology, Craft and Art, Film and Television Photography and Production: RMB 36,400 per year.

Marketing, Creative Industry Management, Internet Finance, Software Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology: RMB 30,800 per year.

Digital Media Technology:RMB 32,900 per year

New Media Technology, Virtual Reality Technology:RMB 32,200 per year

Advertising, Internet and New Media, Drama Film & Literature, Performing Arts, Drama Film Director, Recording Arts, Broadcasting & Hosting Art Profession, Broadcasting & Television Editing and Directing, Photography: RMB 35,000 per year.

Animation, Digital Media Art: RMB 39,900 per year

Comics: RMB 38,500 per year

Animation (Visual Effects Direction, China-Foreign Cooperation Program): RMB 77,000 per year

Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering, Aircraft Power Engineering, Aircraft Control and Information Engineering: EMB 27,720 per year

Accommodation: RMB 5,500 per year (twin room), RMB 6,600 per year (single room)


Living expense: RMB 2,000 per month


Bachelor: 12448

Exchange Students

Incoming: 64.2
Outgoing: 39.8
Others: 8, intern

Teaching Staff

Professors: 175
Lectures: 221
Other permanent teachers: 221
Part-time Teachers: 231

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