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Izmir University of Economics

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design

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Mission Statement

Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design aims at shaping the new generation of design professionals and industry leaders with critical thinking skills, enabling them to contribute to a sustainable community and environment through design-oriented research and innovative practices.

International Role

A growing international network of institutions is being shaped with a strong focus on diversity, not only looking for different design approaches and teaching methodologies but also cultural and social diversity. Active in promoting new collaborations, the biggest effort is in maintaining long-term win-win situations.  

Examples of ongoing colloborations:

Chiba University (Japan); SUAC – Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (Japan); Politecnico di Milano (Italy); Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Poland)

National Role

A large number of the teaching staff is members of national professional associations; this gives a broad insight into the national needs and opportunities. National industry and associations are regularly invited to help develop project briefs for the students; teachers and students are in constant collaboration with these partners seeking to develop local and national initiatives.           

Main Focus

We focus on training young designers to be creative solution providers, who are environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and competitive in the  national and global job markets. The distinction of our Faculty is its interdisciplinary nature that sees design as the common characteristic that underpins all our educational programs in different levels.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design consists of five departments that are given below:

Architecture, Fashion and Textile Design, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design

Fashion and Textile Design (BA in Design)

Industrial Design (BA in Design)

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (BA in Design)

Visual Communication Design (BA in Design)

Master Level Programs

Master programs offer two years of study within the titles of degrees given below:

Architecture (M.Sc. in Architecture)

Advanced Architectural Design (M.Arch. in Architecture)

Design Management (M.Des)

Design Studies (M.Des)

Yacht Design (M.Des)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Main research areas can be listed as follows:

Urban Design and City Planning, Preservation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage, Design History, Fashion Design, Design Management, Materials Science, Semiotics, Yacht Design, Environmental Design, Learning Environments, Design Education.  

Within these areas of interest, our Faculty actively participates and organizes national and international events: Seminars, symposia (such as TRANS_ARCH_EDU series), conferences (such as: EAD’07 and Agrindustrial Design 2005-2012), domestic and foreign trips for educational purposes, exhibits, fairs and shows.

The Faculty continues to expand its scope and vision through the collaboration with partners from the industry for applied research practices – Design Research and Implementation Center (EKOTAM) – and nationally funded research projects – Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Izmir Development Agency (IZKA).

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctorate level program offers four years of study within the title of degree given below:

Design Studies (PhD in Design)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Architecture, Fashion and Textile Design, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Design Studies, Yacht Design, Design Management.

Application Deadlines

Deadline for Fall semester applications: 30th of June
Deadline for Spring semester applications: 15th of December

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Fall semester: September to January

Spring semester: February to June    

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Bachelor level programs: 800 Euros for studying + 300 Euros for living 

Master level programs: 360 Euros for studying + 300 Euros for living  

Doctorate level program: 350 Euros for studying + 300 Euros for living 


Bachelor: 950
Master: 50
Doctorate: 11

Exchange Students

Incoming: 13
Outgoing: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 24
Lectures: 21
Other permanent teachers: 8
Part-time Teachers: 64

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