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Mission Statement

ISDI is committed to:
•To become India's premier destination for students wishing to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs across all design disciplines and specialties.
•To emerge as a world-class institute of design and innovation established through a collaborative effort among designers, industry leaders, academic professionals and policy makers.
•To create a school that is truly Indian at its core and global in its outlook.
•To deliver the latest interdisciplinary design education driven by student-thinking and responsible innovation.
•To foster creativity, nurture design and promote new talent.
•To provide opportunities for internships and placements through an unparalleled professional network.
We Believe:
●Our design school reflects the Indian idiom of design.
●Faculty and students use design thinking as a way of life.
●The campus is the cornerstone of research and innovation for corporate India.
●ISDI graduates are socially responsible creators of a sustainable future.
Design driven empathy

International Role

ISDI is in collaboration with Parsons The New School for Design, a global leader in design education. This partnership enables ISDI to benefit from Parsons’ rigorous curriculum, prominent visiting faculty, well established student exchanges and global relationships.ISDI has entered into a collaboration with Parsons The New School for Design, New York. ISDI will be home to Parsons Mumbai and will benefit from Parsons rigorous curriculum, prominent faculty and global relationships.
Parsons Mumbai is the academic base for Parsons activities in India, which will include:

•Curriculum development
•Quality assurance
•Student and faculty exchanges
•Collaborative projects with students at Parsons' campuses in New York and Paris.
Parsons Mumbai is a central part of Parsons agenda of 'going global'. Parsons Mumbai will function differently based on local regulations, and, more importantly, on local traditions.

Through the establishment of Parsons Mumbai and academic centers in and other major cities, Parsons global initiatives are designed to build learning networks connected by major urban centers of art and design.
These initiatives join Parsons existing study abroad offerings, online courses, and educational partnerships in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

National Role

The Indian School of Design and Innovation ISDI (iss-dee), inaugurated its founding batch of under- and post- graduate studies in July 2013, committing to a new educational model, inspired by the idea of design and innovation as transformative forces in society.

Located in the dynamic coastal city of Mumbai, ISDI offers a series of globally benchmarked Undergraduate Programs (UGP), four year intensive programs (foundation year plus three year specialisation) for students across the disciplines of fashion, interior, product and communication design.

We believe: disciplines of design and innovation play a significant role in addressing issues of economic development and social improvement. These challenges take on a special urgency in India, where a growing population and a rapidly evolving society crucially needs a strong design intervention.

ISDI's partnership with Parsons , New York allows it to share their proven educational methodology and give students opportunities to learn and work in real-world settings. Parsons goal is to develop students' global awareness, cultural literacy, and familiarity with the systems that shape creative, humanitarian, and entrepreneurial endeavors around the world

Main Focus

ISDI was established in 2013 in collaboration with Parsons
School of Design as a bold experiment to redefine design
education in India.
Located in the dynamic coastal city of Mumbai, ISDI offers a
series of globally benchmarked Undergraduate Level and
Postgraduate Level Programs.

Creativity, innovation and sustainability form the core of ISDI's
ISDI students and faculty create an enabling ecosystem in the
corporate world (India and abroad) to catalyze design thinking.
ISDI brings about an Indianization of global innovations while
working out a global perspective to Indian innovations.
ISDI’s own academic ideology moulds designers to cater to a
diverse range of industries and employers.
All educational programs are built upon the foundation of
forward-thinking and innovative curriculum with industry
sponsored projects, national and international collaborations
and a deep sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Bachelor Level Programs

ISDI offers 7 cutting edge undergraduate level programs which
are delivered over 4 years and prepares students to be
innovative leaders who use design to enhance industry and
Communication Design
Fashion Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Strategic Design Management
Fashion Communication and Styling
Illustration and Immersive Media

Master Level Programs

ISDI offers 3 industry acclaimed postgraduate level programs
which have a duration of 11 months. The curriculum of these
multi-disciplinary programs are built on the intersection of
business, design and innovation
Design + Innovation
Integrated Products of Design
Fashion Business Management

Research Activity and Main Areas

Focus on interdisciplinary solutions to address national
priorities with mass impact
Provide an excellent research culture which attracts and
retains high-caliber researchers
Demonstrate relevance and impact through collaborative
research with industry, academia, community and government
Enhance sustainability of research initiatives through
commercialization of intellectual property
Embed research into the classroom environment to ensure
learning and teaching is based on current and new knowledge

Focus Areas
ISDI undertakes collaborative inter-disciplinary research
targeted towards solving real-life problems aligned to industry
and government priorities. ISDI has used its locational
advantage, strategic alliances and ability to sustain research
investments to build 6 truly unique Research Innovation Labs
which are supported by ISDI’s academic activity.
The Global Health and Innovation Lab
The Immersive Media Lab
The Smart Cities Lab
The Public Policy Design Lab
The Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualisation Lab

The Education Technology Lab

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

ISDI offers exceptional students from other design schools
nationally and globally to spend a semester at ISDI for any of
the following programs
Communication Design
Fashion Design
Interior Design
Product Design
Strategic Design Management
Fashion Communication and Styling
Illustration and Immersive Media

Application Deadlines

For The Fall Term (July To December) – International Students
are encouraged to apply before April 1
For The Spring Term (January To May) – International Students
are encouraged to apply before September 1

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Fall Semester – July To December
Spring Semester – January To May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

800 Euros per month


Bachelor: 1200
Master: 120

Exchange Students

Incoming: 25 to 50
Outgoing: 50 to 100
Others: 250

Teaching Staff

Professors: 10
Lectures: 24
Part-time Teachers: 80

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