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Mission Statement

Created in 2001, ISART DIGITAL offers excellent training in connection with the new digital sectors, taught by high-level professionals and alternating in the industry.

Since its creation, ISART DIGITAL has designed its programs to meet the needs of the socio-economic world. Mainly oriented towards the video game and 3D cinema sectors, the school trains students in the production pipelines, technologies and issues of the digital industry. However, the professional insertion of students has broadened and now concerns other industries that are facing challenges on subjects such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence or big data.

These dynamic and globalized industries require high value-added profiles capable of adapting to companies of varying size and configuration (team structures, working with other countries, etc.). The originality of ISART DIGITAL's project is to integrate this observation into its DNA and its educational programs. Students are thus accompanied in their learning of hard skills and soft skills, with basic and specialized courses, human sciences, an international outlook and initiation to research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Professional experience completes the program. The work-study program allows students to put their learning into practice in order to facilitate their professional integration.

In 20 years of existence, the initial ambition of the school has remained the same. ISART DIGITAL has adapted its project by articulating it around 4 major axes:

1) An independent and international school

2) An incubator of talent

3) An original educational project

4) An involvement in its ecosystem

International Role

ISART Digital established a campus in Montreal in 2012 and partnered with Tokyo University of Technology in 2015 to conduct research projects. 

The school offers its students the opportunity to live an experience in the heart of Paris, Montreal or Tokyo, which are among the leading cities of the video game and 3D film industry. ISART has chosen these locations to allow students to progress in settings that are rich in cultural exchanges and dynamic on a professional level.

Continuing education, short-term discovery, long-term research etc. students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture and to live varied professional experiences that are crucial to their careers.

National Role

ISART Digital is a founding member of two associations bringing together the main video game and film schools: the REJV (Network of video game schools) and the RECA (Network of French animation film schools). These networks allow schools to communicate on their practices, to exchange information and to guarantee the quality of the training provided.

ISART Digital is a member of the SNJV, the French national video game association, and of Capital Games, the Paris region video game cluster.

These networks bring together schools and companies and allow them to exchange information on the business sectors, the socio-economic world, technological developments, etc.

ISART Digital is developing a joint project with the Nice-Côte d'Azur University of (UCA) in order to establish a close collaboration.

In terms of research, ISART works with UCA but also with the Sorbonne University and the Paris-Dauphine University (see above "Research activity")

Main Focus

ISART Digital prepares students for careers in the video game, 3D animation and digital special effects industries. ISART offers an innovative educational approach combining theoretical courses with enriching immersion in the professional setting.

Throughout their studies, students are prepared for their future careers, gradually integrating into company settings and laying the groundwork for their post-graduation professional lives.

Supported by a teaching team from world-class production studios, students develop their creativity and successfully complete projects.

During the Bachelor's degree, students acquire the fundamentals in a specific field of education : Art (Video Game or Cinema), Design (Game Design), Programming or Music & Sound Design. They are also introduced to project-team work and have professional experience.

During the Master’s degree, students deepen a field of specialization (Animation, Tech Art, DevOps, Narrative Design, Game Data….). They collaborate on a project in real production conditions and learn to organize and manage all stages of production. In parallel with their project, they put their skills into practice in a company and present a report on their experience at the end of their studies.

Faculties and Departments

– Video Game

– 3D Animation & Digital special effects

– Music & Sound design

Bachelor Level Programs

– 3D Cinema – Duration: 3 years – School certificate “Graphic designer”

– Game Art – Duration: 3 years – School certificate “Game Artist”

– Game Design & Programming – Duration: 3 years – School certificate “Game designer and programmer”

– Game Programming – Duration: 3 years – School certificate “Game Developer”

– Game Design – Duration: 3 years – School certificate “Game designer”

– Music & Sound Design program : School certificate “Music & sound Designer”

Master Level Programs

– 3D Cinema – Duration: 2 years – School certificate “3D Animation Supervisor”

– Game Art – Duration: 2 years – RNCP Degree “Lead Game artist”

– Game Design & Programming – Duration: 2 years – RNCP Degree “Lead gameplay programmer”

– Game Design program – Duration: 2 years – RNCP Degree “Lead Game Designer” 

– Game Programming program – Duration: 2 years – School certificate “Lead Developer”

– Producer – Duration: 1 year – RNCP Degree “Producer / Video game project manager”

Research Activity and Main Areas

The main research areas concern Artificial Intelligence and Data. 

The school's research activities require interdisciplinary crossovers and are based on a solid triad of expertise: game design and development; mathematics and computer science; creativity and art. 

Here are some examples of recent research activities :

– Collaboration with Nice-Côte d’Azur University (CoBTeK lab: Cognition Behavior Technology) / University Hospital of Nice (CHU Nice) / Innovation for Alzheimer's disease: "Teaching the Caregiver-Patient Relationship in Elderly Psychiatry" → Development of an educational tool offering an interactive dive to teach students some of the relational basics during a medical consultation

– Collaboration with the company Cogitobio, specialized in the biotechnology research and development sector: "Representation of biomechanical quantities & study of the emotional factor on the behavior of the player in sitting posture”

– Collaboration with the Paris-Dauphine University (Lamsade: The Laboratory of Analysis and Modeling of Systems for Decision Support is a center established in 1974. The original research themes of Decision Support and Operations Research were later complemented by Decision Computing, Decision Theory and Artificial Intelligence.) & CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research): “Procedural generation with adversarial generative networks”

– Collaboration with the ISCD of Sorbonne University (Institute of computational sciences and data: research, expertise and training center in scientific computing, relying on high performance computing and visualization means). Two research topics: 1/ "Reconstruction of the 3D architecture of Moliere's house in his time" – 2/ "Lighting & UI for an optimal rendering of 3D contents

Doctorate Level Programs



Bachelor: 742
Master: 286

Teaching Staff

Professors: 6
Lectures: 34
Part-time Teachers: 45

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