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International University of Sarajevo

Art Department / Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Architecture Program / Faculty of Engineering

Bosnia and Herzegovina Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The mission of IUS is to produce science, art, and technology, and present the results to the benefit of humanity; to educate free-thinking, participating, sharing, broad-minded individuals who are open to change and improvement, and who can transform knowledge into values for themselves and community. It is of the most important for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the post-conflict and transitional society. The IUS, with its identity of an international institution of education and research, cooperates with universities in the region and in other countries to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for learning for students.

International Role

In a world that is increasingly mobile and multinational, it is in the best interest of students and staff to experience studying with and in contexts other than their own. While IUS offers this chance through its international student and staff body, connecting to other regions and institutions abroad is an integral part of being a true international. IUS Strategy Document – https://www.ius.edu.ba/important-documents/ius-strategy – specifically mentions Internationalization in its Mission statement, in Part 3 Educational Excellence and in Objective 11 under educational excellence actions. Thus, IUS seeks to increase its footprint abroad through various projects, mobility schemes such as Erasmus+, joint degrees, programs, summer and winter schools and other cooperation opportunities, for both students and staff, including its administrative units. IUS is currently ranked first in the ratio of total student number to student mobility numbers, and has made every effort to ensure nearly all staff members have benefited from the chance for mobility at least once (in every call, priority is given to applicants who have never been on exchange or have been on exchange fewer times than other candidates).

National Role

IUS Institutional Accreditation

IUS is accredited with the national Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HEA) and listed in the state register of accredited higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina www.hea.gov.ba.

IUS International Program Accreditation

International quality recognition of IUS study Programs was verified by the Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation (AQ Austria). The accredited study programs (Bachelor and Master Degree) are: Genetics and Bioengineering, International Relations, Electrical and Electronics Engineering . By granting accreditation, AQ Austria certifies that a higher education institution Programs meet the criteria for international recognition. AQ Austria has laid down binding procedural rules and decision criteria for accreditation procedures. All procedures comply with the principles of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

English Language School (ELS)

Accreditation English Language School (ELS) is awarded International Accreditation by EAQUALS. For more information please visit https://els.ius.edu.ba/


ISO 9001- Quality Management System applied by IUS administration

IUS administration is accredited with the Management Systems ISO 9001- Quality Management System which stands foremost in the world. A certified Quality Management System demonstrates IUS’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This system enables IUS to apply and regularly update excellent procedures in order to meet its students’ and other customers’ needs in terms of enhancing customer satisfaction, consistency, and improvement of internal processes aiming at minimizing the risk that customer expectations are not met.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)
Department of Arts
Department of Social Sciences
Department of Cultural Studies
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS)
Department of natural sciences
Department of Engineering
Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA)
Faculty of Law (FLW)
Faculty of Education (FEDU)


Bachelor Level Programs

Only programs related to Cumulus activities:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  (FASS)
Department of Arts / Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design Program

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS)
Architecture Program

Master Level Programs

Only programs related to Cumulus activities:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  (FASS)
MA Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design Program

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS)
MA Architecture Program

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Related to Cumulus activities, we have areas:

– Visual arts and communication design

–  Architecture.

Application Deadlines

For FALL Semester deadline is June 15

For SPRING Semester deadline is November 15

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

FALL Semester – End of september, befinning of October 

SPRING Semester – Mid February

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

The average expected cost of living for a student including accommodation is about 400 – 600 Euro per month.


Bachelor: 1138
Master: 144
Doctorate: 40

Exchange Students

Incoming: 50 +/-
Outgoing: 100 +/-
Others: 20 + /-

Teaching Staff

Professors: 65
Lectures: 21
Other permanent teachers: 12
Part-time Teachers: 14

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