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Mission Statement

INACAP’s mission is to train competent and upright professionals, as well as to create and transfer knowledge that -from a technological point of view- addresses current needs and future challenges in order to contribute to improve productivity, equitable and sustainable development. Therefore, INACAP develops its inherent functions throughout the country, actively interacting with society and promoting the values of commitment to people, excellence, innovation and collaborative work.

Based on this statement, the mission of the School of Design & Communication is to train integral designers with a global vision of their environment and the world, integrating different disciplines with a focus on the user experience, the use of technology and digital transformation; to create value in products, services and experiences, solving problems of organizations, communities and people to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and the world.

International Role

The School of Design & Communication of INACAP has collaborative agreements with the University of Montreal in Canada, the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, the University of the Enterprise in Uruguay, the European Institute of Design in Italy, the International Platform of Trends WGNS, EPSON and ADOBE. In addition, its purpose is to generate a solid international collaboration network that allows strengthening the role of design in communities and organizations at the local and international level, the benefit of future generations and their impact on society.

National Role

The School of Design & Communication of INACAP is present in 15 campuses nationwide, from Arica to Punta Arenas, in diverse local and social contexts, which allows developing joint collaboration with other educational institutions in activities related to community engagement. In addition, a variety of initiatives are developed to generate local contribution through collaborative projects with the industry and to promote design as an articulating role in the delivery of solutions to real problems.

The School's differentiating value proposal is to be leaders in training technology-based designers, who incorporate, apply and transfer technologies through design thinking (design thinking, iterative design process), applying creative and innovative methodologies to be incorporated as articulators and facilitators in interdisciplinary work teams through the disciplinary lines of design with a technological base, systemic thinking model and sustainable design.

Main Focus

The School of Design of INACAP in the development of its academic offer will include three disciplinary lines, which will make it possible to take charge of its differentiating value proposal and respond to the changes experienced by the country and the world, especially in relation to the value added by the designer in the work processes. For this the technological-based design, the Model or Systemic Design and the Sustainable Design are considered, which will answer three relevant questions about the production of design; respectively: How to approach the problems?; how to create solutions?; and how to ensure its sustainability in the environment?

Faculties and Departments

80 programs in 9 schools: Business Administration, Agricultural & Agro-industrial Science, Design & Communication, Engineering & Technology, Humanities & Education, Mining & Geomatic, Industrial Automotive & Electromobility, Health, Hotel Management, Tourism & Culinary.  

Bachelor Level Programs

The School of Design & Communication teaches 4 year programs (professional) and 2 year programs (technical). The structure is according to law and to the Chilean higher education system.

– Professional graphic design (4 year program)

– Fashion design (4 year program)

– Fashion design & production (2 year program)

– Design & graphic production (2 year program)

– Web & mobile design (2 year program)


Master Level Programs


Research Activity and Main Areas

The lines of research defined by the School of Design & Communication are: Design and Economics, Digital Transformation, Sustainable Development and Technology, Social Innovation, Local Identity, Culture and Heritage, Strategic Design and Systemic Thinking and Food Design.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Fashion design, graphic design, web & mobile design.

Application Deadlines

1 semestre.

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Marzo-julio // agosto-diciembre.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

USD 1.000.


Bachelor: 2900

Exchange Students

Incoming: 17
Outgoing: 2

Teaching Staff

Professors: 330

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