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IAAD – Istituto D’Arte Applicata e Design

Italy Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

According to IAAD, design is culture of the project, is a system capable of linking production?with end users dealing with research and innovation to provide social value, cultural significance?to goods and services: meaning, form and function are the cornerstones of a conscious design.?IAAD invests in the quality of teaching and in the human and professional value of professors.

International Role

IAAD and the Écoles de Condé signed an important strategic partnership, which result in the?integration of these two units within a wider reality. Among the joint projects, new courses, new?teaching models and new locations will be considered to increase opportunities for students.?The two institutions will give a new dimension to their educational projects which will give a truly?European value.

IAAD is also have important international partnership with several universities and academics from all over the world

National Role

Thanks to the collaboration with about 100 public and private companies, institutions, public?administrations, IAAD develops projects of study, thesis, special lectures, workshops, seminars?and internships with the most important national and international realities.?Some of the partner companies are listed at www.iaad.it/index.php/en/partner-companies

Main Focus

Bachelor and master courses on design

Faculties and Departments

Transportation design department

Interior design department

Product design department

Communication design department

Textile & Fashion design department

Bachelor Level Programs

Transportation design

Product design

Interior design

Communication design

Digitale Communication design

Textile & Fashion design

Master Level Programs

Transportation design

Interior Architecture for Business Habitat

New Media Communication

Photography for Communication

Research Activity and Main Areas

Transportation design

Product design

Interior design

Communication design

Digitale Communication design

Textile & Fashion design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Erasmus+ accreditation

Hosting students for short programs


Bachelor: 600
Master: 50

Teaching Staff

Professors: 100
Lectures: 20

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