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Hunan Normal University

Academy of Fine Arts

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Mission Statement

Be Humane,Caring, Excellent, and Industrious

International Role

The Academy has stable co-operation relationships with many world renowned universities, such as, Central Saint Martins College,hfg-Offenbach,University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth, Musashino Art University, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, The University of Sydney,Arts University Bournemouth,Birmingham City University, etc.

National Role

Hunan Normal University is an University of 211 Project.The Fine Arts Academy of Hunan Normal University is the art academy of higher learning with the longest history in Hunan province. It is one of the eight national physical education and art teacher training bases in China . It has a complete undergraduate program of five main directions, Art Education, Fine Arts, Visual Communication, Environmental Art, Digital&Media. Based on the above five directions, the Academy also offers both theoretical and practical based postgraduate programs. Meanwhile, it is also entitled to offer PhD program with scientific degree in art, in the four main directions: Chinese Traditional Art, Western Art, Art Theory, and Public Art. It has built up cooperations with social enterprises and nonprofit organizations, such as Broad Technology, to encourage students to develop real designer-to-client relationships.

Main Focus

The main goal of the Academy: to cultivate high-quality art design talents with  international perspective, comprehensive artistic quality, excellent artistic technique while adhering to the characteristics of fine art, highlighting the feature of equal emphasis on research and teaching, creation and scientific research.



Faculties and Departments

The Academy of Fine Arts of Hunan Normal University consists of 4 departments, respectively are: Art Education, Painting, Design, Environment design. 

The Academy is the academy in fine arts and design with the longest history, strongest comprehensive strength and the most complete discipline system in Hunan. It is the only one that authorizes Doctoral Degree of the first level subject of Fine Arts in Hunan Province, and its fine arts and design science are two provincial key disciplines. Encompassing the Hunan social science research bases – Hunan Chinese Character Culture and Art Research Base, it is one of the eight national art teachers training bases.

Bachelor Level Programs

The educational goal in undergraduate program: to cultivate high-quality art and design talents with innovation sense, profound humanistic and scientific literacy, solid professional knowledge and international vision.The span of undergraduate education: 4 years. BA in Art Education, BA in Painting, BA in Design, BA in Environment design.

Master Level Programs

The educational goal in postgraduate program: to cultivate teachers, educational and research staff and other kind of educators with excellent ideological and political quality, master of fine arts, design professional theory and skills, and senior personnel capable of art creation and appreciation, criticism and independent research. The master degrees is divided into master of science and professional master degree.

The span of master degree stage: 2-4 years.

Master degree grantable: Master of Arts, Master of Education, Master of Arts (professional degree)

Master of Science: Fine arts, Design, Academic and teaching theory, Theory of arts.

Master Professionnel: Fine arts, Design

Research Activity and Main Areas

Our main research areas include:

The fine arts: Research on Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, printmaking, Chinese calligraphy, sculpture; focus on the combination of creation and research; focus on fine arts techniques, art history and art theory as focuses.

The Design: Visual communication design, new media design, environmental design, traditional process design; focus on the combination of design, creation and society; strengthen design theory research through practice and enhancing design practices.

The environment design: Interior design, landscape design, etc.; focus on the design creation for local economic development and social construction; focus on environmental design theory and methodology research.

Doctorate Level Programs

The educational goal of the doctoral program: to cultivate high-level art research professionals morally, intellectually and physically developed and meeting the needs of social and economic development. Students are required to have a good ideological and moral quality and scientific integrity, have solid and extensive theoretical knowledge of art and systematical and profound expertise, have the ability to engage in independent high-level research, creation and art teaching in Colleges and universities, the ability of English writing and international academic exchanges and cooperation, and the spirit of cooperation and innovation that can make creative contribution in the field of art.

The span doctoral program: 3-6 years.

Doctoral degrees include: Ph. D. in art

doctoral program includes: Fine arts


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Art Education;Design(Visual Communication,New Media, Environment Design)

Application Deadlines

5th Nov.;

15th Jun. ;

Teaching Languages

Chinese and English

Semester Dates

beginning of Mar. – end of Feb. 

beginning of Sep. – mid of Jan.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

1000 Euro


Bachelor: 1065
Master: 482
Doctorate: 22

Exchange Students

Incoming: 6
Outgoing: 14
Others: 2

Teaching Staff

Professors: 38
Lectures: 41
Other permanent teachers: 7
Part-time Teachers: 24

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