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HTW Berlin / School of Culture and Design

Faculty 5 School of Culture and Design

Berlin , Germany Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our university gears its study programmes and teaching towards a society and working world that is constantly undergoing a process of change. Ecological and social problems are therefore an integral part of the university's educational mandate. HTW Berlin’s work reflects this in applied research and teaching. We have a clear duty to continually develop our study programmes.

HTW Berlin uses the diversity of its study programmes in an interdisciplinary manner. Teaching staff and students are committed to delivering stimulating study programmes with a focus on technical and social skills.

Teaching staff and students cooperate with partners at other universities, in industry, administrations, culture and society.

The standards, expertise and responsibility that define HTW Berlin are embodied by our graduates and staff.

The quality of teaching and research is our most important goal. We integrate the results of research and teaching into our work.

Communication with each other and externally is based on transparency and openness, participation and cooperation. All members of our university are obliged to uphold these principles.

Ensuring equal rights for all genders is a key task of HTW Berlin.

Our university is part of a network of international cooperation partnerships which is actively maintained through exchange between students and teaching staff and through joint research and education projects.

As a university located in the State of Berlin, HTW Berlin serves the interests of regional development by contributing its research and developments as well as through the transfer of knowledge and technology. HTW Berlin actively promotes innovation.

A critical dialogue is an elementary part of how we perceive ourselves as a university. Our Mission Statement is therefore subject to a continual process of review and development on the basis of further discussion.

International Role

HTW Berlin / Faculty 5 School of Culture and Design places students at the heart of everything it does. We are aware that students want an excellent teaching, a great student experience in a vibrant, European city and more than anything, a time that will contribute to their future career and personal development.

Every year our Faculty 5 welcomes more than 30 students on exchange programmes from partner universities located on 4 different continents. We receive students from and send ours to Finland, France, Italy, Israel, Spain, the UK, India, Australia, the US and many more. The majority of incoming students enrol on one of the following courses – Communications Design (in English)Industrial Design (in English)Fashion Design (in English)or Clothing Technology (in English)Game Design (in German)Museums Studies (in English) or Museum Management and Communication (in English).

The Faculty 5 School of Design and Culture partners with academic institutions all over the world to give international and Germany-born students the opportunity to benefit from a HTW Berlin experience and/or qualification. The extensive and reputable portfolio shows  partners from over 20 countries worldwide:

University of Cincinnati, USA

Coventry University, UK

University for Creative Arts, UK

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Finland

NID National Institute of Design, India

BEZALEL Academy of Arts and Design, Israel

ESAD Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Etienne, France

École Duperré, School of Design, Fashion and Creation, France

TU Delft, Netherland 

HU Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherland

German University in Cairo , Egypt

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Deakin University, Australia

Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Escuela de Diseño LCI Barcelona , Spain

Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de València, Spain

Universitá de Bologna, Italy





National Role

Faculty 5 School of Culture and Design cooperates with regional and international institutions as well as key players in the areas of science, business, management and culture. As a research partner we are involved in numerous education, culture and regional infrastructure projects as well as development initiatives and economic development programmes in Berlin, especially in the neigbourhood of Schöneweide where the University is located. With partner universities in Berlin (TU Berlin, Humboldt University, Beuth University, Alice Salomone University etc.) and research institutions (Max Planck, Fraunhofer and Helmholtz) we collaborate and research in several public funded research projects that focus on social issues, technical and material innovations.

We hold numerous events and fairs relating to science and research every year. All projects are presented in the university’s online research catalogue. Publications, scientific lectures and events can also be filtered and viewed according to scientific field or industry. The “Beiträge und Positionen” series (Papers and Positions) explores current research focus areas that scientists are currently working on at the university.

Main Focus

Our main focus either in Bachleor or Master programmes is design in products, sustainability, user experience, human machine interaction, materials, gamefication and research activities in system design. 

Faculties and Departments

  • Faculty 1 School of Engineering – Energy and Information
  • Faculty 2 School of Engineering – Technology and Life 
  • Faculty 3 School of Business
  • Faculty 4 School of Computing, Communication and Business
  • Faculty 5 School of Design and Culture


Bachelor Level Programs

  • Industrial Design, 7 semester, BA in Industrial Design
  • Communications Design, 8 semester, BA in Communiations Design
  • Fashion Design, 7 semester, BA in Fashion Design
  • Game Design, 7 semester, BA in Game Design
  • Museology, 6 semester, BA in Museology
  • Clothing Technology, 7 semester, BSc in Clothing Technlogy
  • Conservation-Restoration/ Field Archaeology Studies, 7 semester, BA 

Master Level Programs

  • System Design / Game Design, 3 semester, MA in System Design
  • Fashion Design, 3 semester, MA in Fashion Design
  • Clothing Technology, 3 semester, MSc. in Clothing Technology
  • Conservation-Restoration/ Field Archaeology Studies, 3 semester, MA Conservation-Restoration
  • Field Archeology, 3 semester, MA in Field Archeology
  • Management and Communication in Museums, 4 semester, MA in Management and Communication in Museums

Research Activity and Main Areas

  • Human Machine Interaction
  • Robotics and Healthcare
  • Aging and Technology and Universal Design 
  • Sustainability
  • Service Design for governements
  • Designtheory and -critics

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Application Deadlines

summer Semester:

  • 01.10. bis 15.12. for non-EU and non-EEA Master’s applicants with Non-German University Entrance Qualification (via uni-assist)
  • 01.10. bis 31.12. for non-EU and non-EEA  Bachelor’s applicants with Non-German University Entrance Qualification (via uni-assist)
  • 16.11. bis 15.12. for Master’s  programmes (bzw. 15.01. for career-integrated Master’s programmes)
  • 01.12. bis 15.01. for Bachelor's programmes (first semester)
  • 16.11. bis 15.01. for Bachelor's  programmes (higher subject semesters) and the orientation year O ja!
  • 16.11. bis 31.03. for distance-learning Bachelor’s programmes, Bachelor’s with aptitude test and Bachelor's  programmes without admission restrictions (first semester)


winter semester:

  • 01.04. bis 15.06. for non-EU and non-EEA Master’s applicants with Non-German University Entrance Qualification (via uni-assist)
  • 01.04. bis 30.06. for non-EU and non-EEA  Bachelor’s applicants with Non-German University Entrance Qualification (via uni-assist)
  • 15.05. bis 15.06. for Master’s  programmes (bzw. 15.01. for career-integrated Master’s programmes)
  • 15.05. bis 15.07. for Bachelor's  programmes
  • 15.05. bis 30.09. for distance-learning Bachelor’s programmes, Bachelor’s with aptitude test and Bachelor's  programmes without admission restrictions (first semester)

Further informations: 


Teaching Languages

  • English
  • German

Semester Dates

Winter semester 01. October  – 15. February

Summer semester 01. April – 31. July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

  • student fee: approx. 110 €
  • Living expences (depends on accomodation etc.): approx. 800-1.200 € 


Bachelor: 10.773
Master: 3.263
Doctorate: -

Exchange Students

Incoming: 147
Outgoing: 150
Others: 47

Teaching Staff

Professors: 301
Lectures: 820
Other permanent teachers: 28
Part-time Teachers: 147

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