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Mission Statement

:Dsign! Study and explore the realm of Design in Düsseldorf.

International Role

The Faculty of Design cooperates with over 50 intra- and extra-European partner universities. The 4th semester in our BA programs is meant for our students to study abroad. Our international climate is enriched by our staffs international contacts and cooperations. Thus the Faculty of Design welcomes international guests for lectures, workshops, cooperations and talks.

In close cooperation with our international office we support our international students with various workshops and activities and open all our facilities and courses for them to be explored. We offer them all opportunities so they can arrange an exchange program meeting their exact needs and expectations. We want our international guests to enjoy a positive experience in our faculty and to feel as welcome as our students are abroad with our partners.

A special academic program we provide every semester for the duration of one week called „Intra / Extra Muros“ especially catches the interest of our international partners. In this week our professors and our students can chose to participate in intense activities in or out of the campus. Excursions are frequently organized in this courses. Our partners are invited to participate by sending a guest-lecturer (alone or accompanied by a group of students) or to receive one of our professors as a guest (alone or accompanied by a group of students).

National Role

Hochschule Düsseldorf, University of Applied Sciences (HSD for short) was founded on 1th August 1971 by combining several renowned regional educational institutions. Today, the institution is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary range of subjects. Approximately 11.000 students are taught in 36 degree program in seven faculties by nearly 200 professors.

Hochschule Düsseldorf provides the biggest design faculty in Germany. Due to our big team of teaching staff ( 25 professors and up to 60 lecturers) we can offer our students an wide range of courses. A further highlight of our faculty is our broad offer in workshops and laboratories focusing traditional analogue and modern digital production techniques. With the assistance of our technical staff or independently students can explore and train their skills in the workshops and laboratories and work on their projects.

The Faculty of Design established a network program „Designwandern NRW“ in order to deepen the cooperation of the nine design departments in North Rhine-Westphalia by opening the participants universities courses for all design students within the network.

Düsseldorf is known to be a unique melting pot between culture and commerce. The portfolio of our cooperations reflect our cities spirit since we are firmly connected with both spheres.

Our faculty productively cooperates with partners in the public and in the private sector. Among our regional partners figure all Universities in Düsseldorf:

–       Arts Academy of Düsseldorf

–       Heinrich-Heine-Universität

–       Robert-Schumann University of Music


Our institutional partners are for example:

– Kunstsammlung NRW




– Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf

– Filmmuseum


Among our private partners figure:

– Thonet

– Vitra

– Swarowski

– Messe Düsseldorf

Main Focus

At Hochschule Düsseldorf we offer a broad based curriculum in order to pursue a generalistic design approach. Our goal is to prepare our graduates for designing their cultural, academic and commercial environment as sovereign actors with comprehensive knowledge and skills. We build bridges between traditional and modern crafts intertwining the analogue with the digital sphere. We also focus on the cultural and on the commercial field as independent entities and explore connections between them. Furthermore we accompany the practical tuition with philosophic and theory based education to create an understanding for the importance of the social, cultural and historical impact of design. To enable our students to create a solid portfolio and to develope their own professional profile as designers to be, we offer them to work in projects with links to our institutional and industry partners. 

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Design Peter Pehrens School of Arts


Bachelor Level Programs

New Craft Object Design, BA of Arts, 7 semesters

Communication Design, BA of Arts, 7 semesters

Retail Design, BA of Arts, 7 semesters

Master Level Programs

New Craft Object Design, MA of Arts, 3 semesters

Communication Design, MA of Arts, 3 semesters

Exhibition Design, MA of Arts, 4 semesters

Research Activity and Main Areas

Design research Institutes


IRAA – Institute for Research in Applied Arts

IRAA is a Centre of expertise for jewellery, product and production researching the crossover between artistic and technical procedures and production methods.


EDI – Exhibition Design Institute

Research on space and spacial narrations.


institut bild.medien

Research in the interface between design in practice and scientific research with the main emphasis on interaction design, hypermedia, digital animation and audiovisual media.


Retail Design

The BA study program Retail Design is introducing retail in a holistic perception to the academic sphere. Since every area of expertise works on research the retail design section elaborates basic research and a new approach to the field of retail which combines business, design and communication studies and introduces holistic strategies. 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Exchange students can choose to participate in all courses of our study programs offered. These are:

New Craft Object Design, BA and MA

Communication Design, BA and MA

Retail Design, BA

Exhibition Design, MA


The courses offered each semester in our special academic week "Intra / Extra Muros" usually catch our exchange students interest the most.

Application Deadlines

For studying in the winter term (starting by the end of September) please apply until 15th July.

For studying in the summer term (starting by the end of March) please apply until 15th January. 

Teaching Languages

German and English.

Semester Dates

The winter term starts by the end of September and ends in the beginning of February.

The summer term starts by the end of March and ends in the beginning of July.

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

When organising a study abroad semester in Düsseldorf you should plan for the following costs:

– Semester contribution: 323,08 €/ semester (including admission fee to use all university facilities such as the sport department and it´s courses and your personal ticket to use public transport in North Rhine-Westphalia)

– Accommodation: 250 – 350 €/ month

– Living costs and personal expenses: depend on your personal lifestyle, you should calculate a minimum cost of 250 €/ month


Bachelor: 1.170
Master: 204

Exchange Students

Incoming: 40
Outgoing: 80
Others: 7

Teaching Staff

Professors: 25
Lectures: 93
Other permanent teachers: 8

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