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Faculty III, Department Design and Media

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Mission Statement

We are a regionally anchored, internationally oriented university with a wide range of courses in the fields of engineering, economics, cultural studies, social sciences, computer science and design.


Out of the broad spectrum of subjects offered by Faculty III, the interdisciplinary understanding of thematic commonalities in research and teaching is growing in the faculty – in addition to the continuous professional development of all degree programs. Faculty III is currently undergoing a participatory transformation process in which collaborative thinking and action are already reflected in social, scientific, teaching, and technical facets. Simultaneous reaccreditations currently underway in 13 BA and MA programs are explicitly designed to develop such a basic participatory structure. The goal is to facilitate exchange between degree programs across teaching unit and departmental boundaries. In this way, the dynamics in the development of new fields of work in the media and communications sector are to be taken into account. Disruptive changes in technological development, in societal framework conditions and social requirements can thus be absorbed, served and helped to shape. Therefore, it is a concern of Faculty III to impart basic competencies such as the ability to innovate or the willingness to change, so that they can also react independently and professionally to these changes or proactively influence them later in their professional life or in their advanced studies. 

International Role

We cultivate interculturality and internationality as lived diversity and natural components of the university culture.

Our university systematically promotes its international and intercultural orientation:

  • by expanding strategic partnerships,
  • by facilitating international mobility, and
  • by expanding the linguistic and intercultural handling competences of all university members and staff.

– Faculty III has 44 partner universities around the world. These Exchange programmes get funded by Erasmus+ and Promos
– Fashion Design participates in the Scotland Initiative of the Ministry of Science and Culture (together with Grey's School of Art Aberdeen and Edinbourgh)
– The Department Media and Design follow a 24 year Partnership with the Hiroshima City University in Japan and gets funded by the German Academic Exchange Service
– Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography is the only study field in Germany and gained fame due to it's Lumix Festival which was held every second year 

National Role

The overriding goal of teaching is to prepare students in the best possible way for the multi-layered, constantly changing demands of society, especially the media, information and technology landscape. The interface competence between design, media, information, communication and computer science on the one hand and didactics, mediation and management on the other hand is becoming increasingly important as a future-oriented and highly demanded professional field. The unique selling point of Faculty III is the scientifically and economically unique, interdisciplinary combination of specific expert knowledge of the individual courses of study. 

The central development goals of the past years are implemented and driven forward within this framework. The application orientation is reflected in teaching in the strong networking with local, regional, national and international companies and institutions. Transfer services between research and teaching, from the economy into the faculty and from the faculty out into society are given high priority. This also includes the openness practiced in the faculty, which is expressed in the promotion of the mobility of students and teachers, of incoming and outgoing students. This openness is also reflected in the clear statement for diversity, accessibility and inclusion. Striving for equality and against exclusion in any form is certainly a goal that Faculty III will constantly pursue. The resources available to the faculty in terms of personnel, space and finances will be distributed in accordance with these standards and goals.

Main Focus

oriented in BA, hands on teaching (practical education) in small groups


Faculties and Departments

Faculty III – Media, Information and Design, Department Design and Media

Bachelor Level Programs

Interior Architecture

Product Design

Media Design

Visual Communication

Fashion Design

Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography

Scenography – Costume – Experimental Design 

Master Level Programs

Media and Design

Research Activity and Main Areas

Media research projects
– Investigation of the initial consequences of the amendment of copyright law by the "Act on the Adaptation of Copyright Law to the Requirements of the Digital Single Market" for authors and their representatives as well as users of rights to use images. Research and development projects 
– The Bauhaus in Context. A comparison of art and design schools of the Weimar Republic.  
– Diversity of Modernity. Photography at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava (1931-1939) 
– arche_tex2.0 Research and Development Project 
– Propaganda of international news channels 
– 'Linear versus non-linear. New narrative forms and perspectives in visual journalism' Research and development project 
– Cultural Heritage in the Digital Research Landscape – A Strategy for Integrating the Metadata of the Archival Collections of the Film Institute Hanover into the National and International Research Infrastructure Research and Development Project 
– Funding programme "Quality Plus- Programme for Good Teaching in Lower Saxony; Use-Less Centre for Sustainable Design Strategies 
– Funding programme "Qualität Plus- Programm für gute Lehre in Niedersachsen; Komm`Se digital lernen: Kompetenzentwicklung möglich machen durch selbstgesteuerte Lernszenarien.
– JM DIY Fashion 
– Reflection of neo-baroque designs in scenic performance formats Research and development project 
– IS Propaganda and the Role of the Mass Media 
– IS-Propaganda and the Role of the Mass Media (extension) Research and Development Project 
– Critical reappraisal of the estate of Heinz and Inge Sielmann Research and development project 
– The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. NATO and Interculturality from a Cultural Studies Perspective. 
– Nostalgia of Artificial Reality. Pixar as a guardian of the tradition of American realism 
– Random Landscapes in the Work of Gerhard Richter 
– Changing communication through webbing (2nd half) Research and development projects 

Research projects with third-party funding
– Future Laboratory Digitalisation Health 
– QualiPRO Quality transparency in hip arthroplasty through Patient Reported Outcomes 
– Future Lab: Event Industry 2050 (FLEI) New Business Models and Changing Working Conditions in a Digitalized World. 
– Funding programme "Quality Plus – Programme for Good Teaching in Lower Saxony; Use-Less Centre for Sustainable Design Strategies". 
– Funding programme "Quality Plus- Programme for Good Teaching in Lower Saxony; Komm`Se digital lernen: Kompetenzentwicklung möglich machen durch selbstgesteuerte Lernszenarien.
– JM DIY Fashion 
– ACOVE – Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on patient care 
– PaSoMe extension (patient satisfaction social media) 
– Extraction of legal referral structures – JuVer 
– Responsible AI – Subproject Bias in learned word representations

Other research projects
– The Impact of Social, Ecological and Economic Developments on Interior Design Planning and Design Methods Research and Development Project 
– Update Internal Communication: An Assessment of the Discipline in Corporate Management Research and Development Project 
– Effects of exercise training on bone mineral density and some health-related outcomes in HIV conditions: a randomised controlled trial Research and development project 
– Future Lab: Event Industry 2050 (FLEI) New Business Models and Changing Working Conditions in a Digitalized World. 

Doctorate Level Programs

PhD research projects
– The Bauhaus in Context. Comparing art and design schools of the Weimar Republic. 
– Diversity of Modernity. Photography at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava (1931-1939) 
– Propaganda from international news channels 
– IS propaganda and the role of the mass media 
– The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. NATO and interculturality from a cultural studies perspective. 
– Nostalgia of artificial reality. Pixar as guardian of the tradition of American realism 
– Random landscapes in Gerhard Richter's work

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

– International Study Programme in Information, Communication, Media and Design

– International Photo Class

Application Deadlines

– Winter semester: until 15 May

– Summer semester: until 1 November

Teaching Languages

German or English (only in the International Study Programme)

Semester Dates

 – the winter semester begins on 1 September each year until 31 January (ending 28 February)

 – the summer semester begins on 1 March each year until 10 July (ending: 31 August)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

around 700 €


Bachelor: 1127
Master: 23
Doctorate: 1

Exchange Students

Incoming: 40-50
Outgoing: 40-60
Others: 10 %

Teaching Staff

Professors: 42
Lectures: 88
Other permanent teachers: 11
Part-time Teachers: 11

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