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Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main

Germany Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach has been a college of art and & design with university status since 1970, though it goes back as far as the year 1832. What makes our college different from other colleges of art and design is its highly open approach: fine arts, media studies and applied design are accorded the same degree of importance in terms of teaching and integrative development. An important factor in this is the interaction of theory and design, experiment and product as well as new and old techniques in image production. The promotion of communicative intelligence is just as much one of our aims as is acquiring an emotional, sensuous level of maturity. The concept of reality in art, design and the media has been highly influenced by developments in cross-medial and cross-cultural convergences. This is reflected in our course structures. We aim to train artists and designers to enable them to master professional demands that are constantly changing. The degree course offers a choice of five different final examination topics: art, communication design, media studies, stage design [Dept. of Visual Communication] and product design [ibid.]. Additionally, the college offers a one-year (2-semester), project-oriented postgraduate course.

International Role

Member of ELIA Partner Universities in Taipeh, Havanna, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Queensland, Auckland and many European Countries

National Role

Member of Hessische Theaterakademie Future Hessische Film- und Medienakademie

Main Focus

Art, Design and Media

Faculties and Departments

Visual CommunicationProduct/Industrial Design

Master Level Programs

Visual Communication: 5 years Product/Industrial Design: 5 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

The Department Industrial Design offers practical and theoretical design education. The "theory of product language" is worldwide recognizes as a major contribution to design. The department concentrates on a "disciplinary approach" of designtheory and the relation to other disciplines (interdisciplinarity). We are interested to find new cooperations for this very unique approach.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Industrial design, visual communication (graphic design, art, media)

Application Deadlines

winter semester: mid June summer semester: mid December

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Mid October – mid FebruaryMid April – mid July


Master: 559

Exchange Students

Incoming: 9
Outgoing: 10
Others: 42

Teaching Staff

Professors: 23
Lectures: 35
Other permanent teachers: 12

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