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HIT, Holon Institute of Technology

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Mission Statement

HIT in general and the Faculty of Design in particular believe in collaboration and working together to achieve excellence in all fields of activity.

International Role

The Faculty of Design participates and innitiates international workshops, conferences, exhibitions and competitions.  We conduct students, faculty and staff  exchanges with over 50 partners, many are Cumulus members. We have joint projects and courses with other programs abroad. We run an annual international workshop week at the begining of each academic year. 

National Role

The Faculty of Design places special emphasis on social and environmental issues, with a special study track in the department of industrial design. We conduct regular projects of design for special needs, the results are donated to institutes in this field. We conduct a unique project "Design Tutorial" with the Municipality of Holon, for the benefit of high school pupils.

Main Focus


Professional 4 years academic studies toward Bachelor degree, preparing for service to society

Interdisciplinry Master's program for Design for Technological Environment

Faculties and Departments

the Faculty of Design has 3 departments: Dept. of Industrial Design Dept. of Interior Design Dept. of Visual Communication Design

Bachelor Level Programs

B.Design Industrial Design B.Design Interior Design B.Design Visual Communication

Master Level Programs

Master Program in Design for Technological Environment

Research Activity and Main Areas

 Areas of research: sustainability, material research, virtual envronments

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

 Industrial design, Interior design, Visual Communication design, Design for Technological Environment,

Application Deadlines

15 June for semester 1 (starts in October) 15 December for semester 2 (starts in March)

Teaching Languages

Hebrew and English important note: visiting students do not need to know or study Hebrew. Knowledge of English is quite sufficient, as everyone here speaks English

Semester Dates

semester 1 from mid October to end January semester 2 from early March to mid June note: the academic year is scheduled along the Jewish lunar calendar. exact dates vary slightly from year to year

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

usually, visiting student do not pay tuition fees unless set by agreement with corresponding institute. cost of accommodation, food, transportation, materials, etc estimated between Euro 600-800 per month


Bachelor: 900

Exchange Students

Incoming: 35
Outgoing: 48

Teaching Staff

Professors: 5
Lectures: 35
Part-time Teachers: 240

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