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Häme University of Applied Sciences

Smart and Sustainable Design

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Mission Statement

The objective of HAMK is to advance well-being by improving the competencies of individuals, organisations and companies and advancing internationalisation as well as innovation and establishing new businesses through high-standard, up-to-date professional education and training as well as associated R&D activities. We provide professional higher education, vocational teacher training, vocational upper secondary education and training as well as vocational further education and training both for young people and adults and carry out applied research in the fields of technology, communication and transport; natural resources and the environment; culture; natural sciences; social sciences, business and administration; social services, health and sports; as well as tourism, catering and domestic services sectors. We plan and implement education in a customer-oriented way maintaining high quality and meeting the demands of working life and internationalisation. In addition, our primary targets include ensuring high employment rates for our students. The particular focus of our development activities is on solutions that go beyond the traditional fields of professional education and training.

International Role

International activities include international education, research and development projects as well as mobility. HAMK has over 100 partners all over the world. The language of instruction in the degree programmes is Finnish except for the International Business programme in Valkeakoski, the Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology programme in Riihimäki and the Construction Engineering programme in Hämeenlinna, which are lectured entirely in English. In addition, each field of education offers courses in English. For international exchange students we have International Semester courses, which are lectured in English.

National Role

HAMK’s research and development centres, developed in cooperation with companies and municipalities, support our degree programmes as well as research and further education. A key role is in creating an innovative environment in the region and in supporting the development of top-level know-how.

Main Focus

HAMK offers broad-based, high-quality education, research and development, and strong internationalisation. HAMK develops the education that provides in line with European, national and international policies. HAMK’s main aim is to develop extensive competence that can be utilised by business, industry and the public sector in the region as well as on a global level. HAMK’s centres of expertise, developed in cooperation with companies and municipalities, support our degree programmes as well as research and further education. HAMK has many times been awarded with extra funding based on its results. Key factors in education: • Work life correspondence and customer orientation • High quality and impressiveness • Diversification and innovativeness • Interaction skills and internationalisation • Internal and external entrepreneurship • Flexibility and individuality

Faculties and Departments

Agricultural and Rural Industries, Automation Engineering, Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Building and Construction Engineering, Business Economics, Business Information Technology, Construction Engineering, Design, Environmental Engineering, Forestry, Horticulture, Industrial Management and Engineering, International Business, Information Technology, Landscape Design, Logistics, Marketing, Mechanical and Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, Media Technology, Nursing, Product Design, Tourism.

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Natural Resources, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Health Care, Bachelor of Social Services, Bachelor of Business Administration.

Master Level Programs

Master of Natural Resources, Master of Engineering, Master of Business Administration, Master of Management in Sustainable Business, Master in Health Care and Social Services

Research Activity and Main Areas

Four research units that support the workplace and education operate according to specific focus areas:

  • HAMK Bio – Sustainable Bio-economy
  • HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise
  • HAMK Smart – Intelligent Services
  • HAMK Tech – Technology for the Future (Sheet Metal ​Centre, since 1998)

Research units and research groups function in important research projects with our international strategic partners

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Smart and Sustainable Design (fashion, footwear, glass and ceramics)

Application Deadlines

For the spring semester: 31 October.  For the autumn semester : 31 March 

Teaching Languages

Finnish, English

Semester Dates

Autumn semester: September-December and Spring semester: January-May

Exchange Students

Incoming: 15
Outgoing: 15

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 11
Other permanent teachers: 7
Part-time Teachers: 1

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