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Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT)

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Mission Statement

GDUT, short for Guangdong University of Technology, is one of the most renowned universities in Guangdong province, China. Its School of Art and Design aims to become one of the best design schools in the country and to gain international recognition. The school places great emphasis on combining technology, culture, and innovation in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Its mission is to educate and train design professionals and researchers who can contribute to the development of China and lead the way in innovative industrial practices. The school also seeks to promote better education in China, integrate different resources to create better living standards, and help transform Guangdong from a manufacturing hub to an innovative industrial region on the global stage.

International Role

The GDUT School of Art & Design is a well-regarded and active member of several international networks. It serves as a link between international design and education, and Guangdong (Canton) in China – which is the world's largest manufacturing base. Our goal is to create an integrated platform for design research, education, technology application, and industrialization at an international level. We have collaborated extensively and intensively with numerous high-level academic and design organizations in the international sector. We have cooperation agreements or visiting professor agreements with Aalto University in Finland, the Illinois Institute of Technology in the United States, Konstfack in Sweden, Nagoya City University in Japan, and the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. In addition, we have cooperative relationships with ICSID (the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design), Ornamo (the Finnish Association of Designers), OKM Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, Finland Design Museum, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, European Academy of Design, Nordic Forum for Design History, International Committee for Design History and Studies, and many others.

National Role

The design discipline of Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) started in the 1980s. Today, the School of Art and Design is one of the biggest schools in China, ranking at the top 3% overall in China, and producing over 800 qualified designers and artists every year. It has been awarded the "key disciplines" of Guangdong Province and has also been authorized as the "Industrial Design and Engineering Research Centre of Electronic Related Products" and the "National Practice Education Base of Arts". The South China Institute of Industrial Design (SCIID), which is a part of the school, is the first design platform in China for education, research, and industrialization. It is highly supported by the government, and together with other schools of GDUT, gathers resources from different disciplines and industries, and has contributed significantly to the development and upgrading of local industries. Through SCIID, the GDUT design school has extensive cooperation with industries and has contacts with more than 3000 companies around Guangdong and China. It is also the "Model Enterprise of Guangdong Province, Industrial Design". The school has partners in the field of education, such as Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, and in the industry, such as Samsung, Mitsubishi, Lenovo, ADtranz, SIEMENS, Avarte, DANONE, iriver, TCL, Midea, ECHOM, ALPHA animation, China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute (CEI), KELON, etc.

Main Focus

Education in Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) is a combination of teaching, researching, and application. With the superiority of aggregating resources locally and internationally, GDUT built a good environment for breeding new professionals. The university keeps working to build an education and practice system with multi-level, multi-channel, and diversification, to optimize the positive interaction between the university and the industries, to provide a better environment for student growing, and to cultivate a great amount of talents to support the developing of Guangdong and China. Base on the multidisciplinary background of GDUT, the School of Art and Design encourages interdisciplinary learning and crossing boundaries research following the 4E principle, ecological, ergonomics, economic, and aesthetics. Under the design discipline, the school is mainly constructing the four sub-directions, industrial design, architecture and environment, clothing design and engineering, new media and visual communication.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Industrial Design South China Institute of Industrial Design (SCIID) Department of Architecture & Environment Design Department of Clothing Design and Engineering Department of New Media and Visual Communication

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Design), 4 years, 189 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Product Design), 4 years, 188 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Design), 4 years, 175 credits; Bachelor of Engineering (Clothing Engineering), 4 years, 169 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Clothing and Decoration Design), 4 years, 182 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Image Design and Performance), 4 years, 182 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication), 4 years, 175 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Animation), 4 years, 182 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Digital Media Art), 4 years, 190 credits; Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), 4 years, 195 credits

Master Level Programs

Master of Engineering (Industrial Design Engineering), 3 years Master of Arts (Design), 3 years Master of Arts (Innovation and Theory of Painting), 3 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research is an important aspect of education at all levels of the school. Professors and teachers are assigned research projects, and there are opportunities for postdoctoral research as well as research at the MA, BA, and BE levels under the guidance of tutors. In recent years, the school has completed 68 province-level or higher research projects and is currently working on 80 projects at all levels. The school has published over 900 papers or design works and has received more than 280 awards and 200 patents. The research results have received awards such as IF, red-dot, and IDEA awards. The South China Institute of Industrial Design (SCIID) is the first research and production platform for design in China. It has just received 150 million RMB from Dongguan City, one of China's largest industry cities and where the SCIID is located, to upgrade to a creative research and industrial district. In 2011, the team led by Hannu Kahonen, Vesa Honkonen, and Fang Hai was selected as the Guangdong Integrated Innovation Team and was provided with 20 million RMB in research funding. The school has four research directions: 1. Intelligent equipment 2. Integrated innovation methods and design strategies 3. Eco and sustainable systems 4. Everyday living products.

Doctorate Level Programs

P. H. D (Industrial Design and Innovative Product), 3 years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Our student exchange programs are primarily based on cooperation projects. Any subject falling under the four directions of the school can contact us for an exchange plan. These directions are: intelligent equipment, integrated innovation methods and design strategies, eco and sustainable systems, and everyday living products.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline for the summer term is May 31st and for the winter term is December 31st. Short projects may be applied for during term time.

Teaching Languages

Chinese, English

Semester Dates

Summer term: September-January, Winter term: Feb-June (time of the winter vacation is based on the date of the Chinese new year)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Studying: RMB2000 (242 Euros)/month Living: Single Room: RMB1000 (121 Euros)/month Double Room: RMB600~750 (73~91 Euros)/month/person Other living: RMB1500 (182 Euros)/month


Bachelor: 3296
Master: 178
Doctorate: 12

Exchange Students

Incoming: 10
Outgoing: 50
Others: 180

Teaching Staff

Professors: 33
Lectures: 60
Other permanent teachers: 20
Part-time Teachers: 4

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