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Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade

The School of Art and Design

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Mission Statement

The University adheres to the educational philosophy, “Benevolence in Mind, Expression and Action” and the school motto, “Be Thoroughly Acquainted with Chinese and Foreign Civilization and Put What have been Digested into Practice” and cultivates fine school spirit, “Uphold Morality, Study Diligently, Seek Truth, Make Innovations” by fully implementing the education policies of the State.

International Role

The university is the first private undergraduate university in Fujian Province to obtain the qualification of recruiting international students, the first private university with undergraduate enrollment qualification in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and one of the first batch of pilot universities to cooperate with Taiwan universities in running schools.

It has cooperated with more than 20 foreign high-level universities, such as University of Plymouth, Alliant International University, University of Western Australia, Massey University and so on, carrying out cooperation in joint training of undergraduate and graduate students, exchange of students, research in summer and winter, exchange of teachers, and visiting students for further study. It has established close teaching and research cooperation with nearly 20 universities in Taiwan, such as Asia University, I-Shou University and Ming Chuan University. Since 2017, more than 120 international students have been enrolled from countries along the Belt and Road, Liberia and the United States.)

National Role

The University ranked 5th in the "2021 China Private Universities Ranking Top 20", ranked first in Fujian Province, and established counterpart-assistance relationship with Fujian Normal University and signed memorandum of understanding in running school or strategic cooperation agreements with Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and therefore obtains great support in respect of talents training, disciplines & majors, scientific research & innovation and building of teaching staff.

Main Focus

Oriented in BA,  design, art, animation,film

Faculties and Departments

The School of Art and Design

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in arts

Research Activity and Main Areas

Animation,Radio and Television Programming,Fashion Design,Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design,Product Design, Digital Media Art,Fine Arts

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

External Trade, Education,

Economics and Management, Finance and Accounting ,

Foreign Languages,General Courses

Application Deadlines

Spring Semester,Autumn Semester

Teaching Languages

English, French

Semester Dates

February to July, September to December,Summer vacation

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

500-1000 pounds or euros


Bachelor: 15624

Exchange Students

Incoming: 32

Teaching Staff

Professors: 436
Lectures: 388
Other permanent teachers: 104
Part-time Teachers: 425

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