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Mission Statement

To be a world class University that gives creative minds inspiring futures.



One of the most valuable commodities in the future economy, our focus on creativity means students, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators shape the world with out-of-the-box thinking.


With industry links spanning the globe, we're a hub not just of creative innovation, but a place that celebrates and supports collaboration and transdisciplinary work with real reach.


We're committed to pushing the limits of traditional boundaries and disciplines, meaning we’re working boldly, differently and disruptively to bring about new ideas, new ways of thinking and doing.

National Role

The University is a major creative innovation hub located in Cornwall, an inspirational place with a long history of creative and cultural endeavour that is now home to one of the largest Creative Industries clusters in the UK. Founded as Falmouth School of Art in 1902, Falmouth has grown from a small art school of less than 200 students to a creative university with over 5,300 students.

We believe collaboration is the catalyst for innovation and cultivating successful careers. That’s why we place an emphasis on working with peers, across disciplines and often hand-in-hand with industry partners.

Whether it’s alumni sharing professional opportunities with students, online learners connecting with the on-campus community or distinct disciplines colliding to create the unimaginable, tapping into our eclectic global community keeps us pushing beyond the realms of possibility.  

We’re also committed to being an anchor institution in Cornwall and driving the growth of the regional economy. That means ensuring we’re working closely and strategically with Cornwall Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership and other local partners and industry.

Main Focus

Our comprehensive portfolio spans all of the creative art forms and is available at BA, MA and PhD levels. The portfolio is explicitly aligned to the size and shape of the UK’s Creative Industries, based on the UK Government Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Annual Economic Estimates. This alignment ensures that the University produces highly employable and professionally astute graduates with the expertise to be successful in the Creative Industries, as well as the flexibility and imagination to apply their skills in the broader Creative Economy.

Faculties and Departments

Academy of Music and Theatre Arts
Falmouth School of Art
Fashion & Textiles Institute
Games Academy
Institute of Photography
School of Architecture, Design and Interiors
School of Communication
School of Entrepreneurship
School of Film and Television

Bachelor Level Programs

1 year part-time top up:
Photography BA(Hons) (online)

2 years accelerated full-time courses in:
Business & Digital Marketing BSc(Hons), Business & Entrepreneurship BSc(Hons), Business & Management BSc(Hons), Sustainable Festival Management BA(Hons), Sustainable Tourism Management BA(Hons), Technical Theatre Arts BA(Hons)

3 years full-time courses in:
Acting BA(Hons), Animation & Visual Effects BA(Hons), Architecture BA(Hons), Business & Digital Marketing BSc(Hons), Business & Entrepreneurship BSc(Hons), Business & Management BSc(Hons), Commercial Photography BA(Hons), Computing for Games BSc(Hons), Costume Design for Film & Television BA(Hons), Creative Advertising BA(Hons), Creative Events Management BA(Hons), Creative Music Technology BA(Hons), Creative Robotics BSc(Hons), Creative Virtual Reality BA(Hons), Creative Writing BA(Hons), Dance & Choreography BA(Hons), Drawing BA(Hons), English with Creative Writing BA(Hons), Fashion Design BA(Hons), Fashion Marketing BA(Hons), Fashion Photography BA(Hons), Film BA(Hons), Fine Art BA(Hons), Game Art BA(Hons), Game Development BA(Hons), Graphic Design BA(Hons), Illustration BA(Hons), Immersive Computing BSc(Hons), Interior Design BA(Hons), Journalism and Creative Writing BA(Hons), Journalism BA(Hons), Marine & Natural History Photography BA(Hons), Music BA(Hons), Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management BA(Hons), Musical Theatre BA(Hons), Photography BA(Hons), Popular Music BA(Hons), Press & Editorial Photograph BA(Hons), Sports Journalism BA(Hons), Sportswear Design BA(Hons), Sustainable Product Design BA(Hons), Television BA(Hons), Textile Design BA(Hons), Theatre & Performance BA(Hons), Web Development BSc(Hons)

4 years full-time with a year of professional practice:
Creative Robotics BSc(Hons), Fashion Marketing BA(Hons), Web Development BSc(Hons)

Further information: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/study/undergraduate

Master Level Programs

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) (online)

1 year full-time:
Artficial Intelligence for Games MSc, Communication Design MA, Creative Advertising MA, Film & Television MA, Game Art MA, Game Design MA, Illustration:Authorial Practice  MA, Launchpad (with MA Entrepreneurship), Professional Writing MA

2 years part-time:
Business Finance Innovation MA, Comedy Writing MA, Creative Events Management MA/PGDip (online), Graphic Design MA/PGDip (online), Illustration MA/PGDip (online), Illustration:Authorial Practice MA, Journalism MA, Photography MA/PGDip (online), Writing for Script and Screen MA/PGDip (online)

2 year full-time:

Further information: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/study/postgraduate

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research and innovation at Falmouth University is built on the principle of open innovation – the idea that the grand challenges of our age can be addressed most effectively when tackled collaboratively across disciplinary boundaries.

Researchers at Falmouth apply ideas and methodologies derived from the creative industries to tackle real-world challenges in a wide range of sectors. Their creative and innovative approaches are enabling new knowledge, solutions, services and products that have a tangible impact in the world.

Three broad themes run through all of Falmouth's research innovation work: the research and innovation opportunities enabled through:

  • Creative Connected Communities
  • Design Thinking
  • The Digital Economy

Falmouth has ten research and innovation programmes, each of which brings together different combinations of challenge, methodology and discipline:

  • Creative Industries Futures
  • Dark Economies
  • Design for Health and Wellbeing
  • Digital Creativity
  • Digital Entrepreneurship and Financial Innovation
  • Inequality & Storytelling
  • Environment Futures
  • Metamakers
  • Multigenerational Living & Learning
  • Pedagogy Futures

Doctorate Level Programs

MPhil or PhD – Falmouth University offers both theoretical and practice-based research programmes, currently awarded through our partnership with University of the Arts London.

Applicants may apply by submitting a project idea of their own or by responding to one of our Falmouth Doctoral Project briefs but should be advised that strong alignment with one or more of our research and innovation programmes is essential.

Doctoral projects have been devised by staff at the University to indicate research priority areas and each is aligned to one of our research themes. Doctoral projects are expressed in the form of challenges and have been designed to elicit a range of creative responses. In each case, it is imperative that applicants are able to demonstrate an imaginative, methodologically robust and independent response to the thematic area.

Whether responding to a project brief or submitting an idea of their own, applicants can compete for a limited number of fully-funded Falmouth Doctoral Studentships. Applicants should be aware that the doctoral briefs provided indicate our priority areas.  Applicants may also be eligible for a Doctoral Loan.

Studentships will be awarded on the basis of overall quality, as well as strategic alignment to our research themes/programmes.  Studentships are available to both UK and International students.

Further information: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/research

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All of our subject areas can accommodate exchange students in and out. We work actively to develop exchange opportunities.

Application Deadlines

Mid April for study in the following Autumn term, of Mid October for study in the following Spring/Summer term.

Teaching Languages

Courses at Falmouth are taught in English. We offer language tuition in English, Italian, French and Spanish

Semester Dates

Please view our academic calendar:  https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/experience/term-dates

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Cost of living: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/study/student-funding/how-much-does-it-cost


Bachelor: 4633
Master: 210
Doctorate: 44

Exchange Students

Incoming: 42
Outgoing: 64

Teaching Staff

Professors: 8
Lectures: 218
Part-time Teachers: 133

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