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Mission Statement

Since its founding in Minsk in 1992, the European Humanities University has endeavored to maintain international standards in the field of higher education and academic freedom in Belarus. In 2004, the university was closed by the Belarusian authorities and in 2005 reestablished its activities in Lithuania.

The European Humanities University is a non-state institution of higher education operating in the European Union for Belarus on the basis of principles of institutional autonomy and standards of the European Higher Education Area.

The production and dissemination of socially responsible critical knowledge in the field of social sciences and the humanities, ensuring quality education through the integration of study programs with research, creative, and applied projects are the priority for EHU.

EHU uses its potential for the creation of a European intellectual space without borders, the return of knowledge to Belarus, the establishment of innovative social partnerships, the development of civic education, and the broadening of human rights and potential through freedom of speech, thought, and research.

International Role

Academic Department of Media establishes the international connections on the level of study projects as well as research. On institutional level as well as between individuals researchers.

Currently, we are closely collaborating with Bard colleges network (branch offices in Annadale (USA), Berline, Vienna, Bangladesh, etc.) aiming at the introduction of liberal arts paradigm of education within an international context on the level of the first cycle of education particularly in the core curriculum. 

Design education is mo focused on collaboration with designers and art directors from all over the Europe to introduce to students a range of approaches and contexts in design practice.

EHU take part in exchange projects such as Erasmus and Campus Europe.

National Role

Our national role is to give talented people of Belarus opportunity to fully develop their own potential in creating the modern user-friendly sustainable environment within the visual design which could be used in the global world.

We are collaborating with NGO in Lithuania and Belarus such as the Belarusian Design Union, Lithuanian Artists' Union, Lithuanian Association of Graphic Designers to provide to students evaluation from professional communities.

Because of the political situation in Belarus, EHU is developing and supporting relations with NGO in Belarus and individuals – researchers, designers, artists, etc. Contacts with Belarussian Sate Institutions such as universities, associations and etc. are difficult.  

Main Focus

The focus of education in BA Visual Design, MA Visual Plastic Arts,
BA Media and Communication is to foster creativity through artistic skills, experiments with different media  and humanities;

integration of design practice, media production with humanities and interdisciplinary research to be aware of theirs social and political consequences.

development of a human-centered approach to design and media production in the context of increasing technologization of the everyday life.


Faculties and Departments

European Humanities University has 2 academic departments. CUMULUS membership is fulfilled via Humanities and Arts Department

Academic Department of Humanities and Arts

  • BA Visual Design
  • BA European Heritage
  • BA Theater Art and Acting
  • MA Visual Plastic Arts
  • MA Cultural Heritage Development
  • PhD Philosophy

Academic Department of Social Sciences

  • BA Media and Communications
  • BA World Politics and Economy
  • LLM International Law and European Union Law
  • MA Cultural Studies
  • MA Public Policy

Bachelor Level Programs

Undergraduate program "Visual Design" – Bachelor of Arts degree – high residence (4 years) & low residence (5 years) – 240 ECTS

Master Level Programs

Graduate program "Visual Plastic Art" – Master of Arts degree – blended format (2 years) – 120 ECTS

Application Deadlines

June 1 – for the fall semester or full academic year.

December 1 – for the spring semester

Teaching Languages

English, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Russian 

Semester Dates


  • Study period: October, 1 – January, 31
  • Exams: February, 1 – February, 11


  • Study period: March, 1 – June, 18
  • Exams: June, 19 – July, 7


Summer Break: July, 17- September, 30


Bachelor: 688
Master: 55
Doctorate: 2

Exchange Students

Incoming: 15
Outgoing: 25

Teaching Staff

Professors: 31
Lectures: 33
Other permanent teachers: 30
Part-time Teachers: 34

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