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Mission Statement

ECA's mission is to provide an inspiring professional environment that helps to begin and develop your arts career and provides knowledge and confidence. The Academy is breeding ground for educational and cultural  projects in Europe.  

International Role

We run programmes with over 10 international architecture universities (Pratt Institute, University of Oxford, Kellogg College, Melbourne School of Design, UAE University (to name a few) and organize Erasmus+ training for school staff (over 300 participants in 2022).

National Role

In Venice we are an educational brach of the European Cultural Centre, the second largest foundation in Venice after the Venice Biennale.Together we share more than 15 years of experience in organzing art shows, conferences, workshops and summer schools.

Main Focus

We offer short programs in art and architecture during the Venice Biennale. Professionals and art lovers get support for their personal creative journey.

Faculties and Departments

Arts department, Architecture department, Teacher Training department (teaching through art)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Contemporary art, architecture, teaching through art, sustainable cities, venice biennale, organization of international art events and shows.


Bachelor: 100
Master: 100
Doctorate: 50

Exchange Students

Others: 100

Teaching Staff

Professors: 10
Lectures: 30
Other permanent teachers: 10
Part-time Teachers: 20

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