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Mission Statement

School of Art and Design, Eurasia University provides a contemporary art and design education that is experimental in nature placing equal emphasis on creativity and technical skills. It is closely linked to innovative educational concepts and practices as well as social/ industrial development in China. In recent years, enriching its approach, School of Art and Design incorporated a series of exhibitions, forums and academic activities into its curriculum with the intent of investigating and furthering the frontiers of art and design.


International Role

The nature of international collaboration is to share ideas and resources, and to understand people in a different cultural context. School of Art and Design integrates international resources to create a global learning environment. Our students are not only studying at classroom, but also in workshops, during the trips abroad or online. At the same time, students and staff are corresponding with the cutting edge course content from global recognized universities, such as École supérieure d'art et design Le Havre-Rouen (France), Karlshochschule International University (Germany), Kyoto University of Art and Design (Japan), Cleveland Institute of Art (USA), etc. The free, diverse, and intercultural learning atmospheres broaden school members’ horizon.

National Role

School of Art and Design is aware of the importance of both local and global cooperation in contemporary society. Thus, school build diversified collaborations with industries, entreprises, culture organizations and art institutes in China includes Lenovo, Unity, Tecent, Wacom, ZTE, WanHe Group, Maker Collider, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, S.LAB, thinker+maker, Xi'an Graphic Designers Association, Youth Interior Designer Association, UXPA China, OCAT, Xi’an Art Museum and so on. This network of partnerships helps our professors and students to extend educational vision and opportunities in terms of various flexible programs and keep pace with art and design education tendencies.

Our graduates have excellent reputations in the society. Many of them continue their practice in art and design field and become artists, designers, curators, animator and art design entrepreneurs.

Main Focus

International, human-centered and innovative design undergraduate programs which

pay equal attention to creativity and technical skills.

Faculties and Departments

Environmental Design Program

Visual Communication Program

Digital Media Program

Bachelor Level Programs

BFA Environmental Design

BFA Visual Communication

BFA Digital Media 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Environmental Design 

Visual Communication

Digital Media 

Application Deadlines

May 15 for Autumn semester

Dec 15 for next Spring semester

Teaching Languages

Chinese and English 

Semester Dates

Autumn Semester: Sep 1st – Jan 20th

Spring Semester: March 1st – July 20th

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Around 260 Euro


Bachelor: 1270

Exchange Students

Others: 100

Teaching Staff

Professors: 6
Lectures: 13
Other permanent teachers: 48
Part-time Teachers: 60

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