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ESAIL (Ecole Supérieure d'Architecture Intérieure de Lyon)

France Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Located in Lyon, ESAIL is a private school under the supervision of the french Ministry of Education and Research.Our programs are certified by the State (Ministry of Employment). The degree in Interior Architecture is recognized by the french board of Interior Architects. Our education is based on 4 major skills: artistic, technique, conception of space, cultural approach. The teaching is balanced between creativity and professional realities.

International Role

We organize international exchanges of students to study abroad. We have the CHARTER ERASMUS from the European Commission. We organize international workshops and we give lectures in our partner's school. 

National Role

ESAIL cooperates with different institutions on a regular basis: Maison de l'Architecture Rhône Alpes (for exhibitions), Les Grands Ateliers (for Design production), Le Centre Culturel La Tourette (Publication on Le Corbusier), CCIL (for the event Lyon Shop Design),… Further more, ESAIL takes part in professional projects (AMPERE Museum, Private Companies,…) and National or Regional contests (Culture Acier, Fête des Lumières,…).

ESAIL cooperates also with the French Ministry of Culture concerning the profession of interior architect and the definition of education issues.

ESAIL is part of the board of the CFAI (Conseil Français des Architectes d'Intérieur)

Main Focus

Interior Design

Faculties and Departments


Bachelor Level Programs

Interior Decoration Duration of studies: 3 years

Master Level Programs

Interior Architecture Duration of studies: 5 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Rethinking space: ESAIL LAB has chosen to investigate projects to renovate old buildings. These projects mainly develop thinking on interior architecture, a discipline which corresponds to our area of teaching . The use of empirical material as a point of departure has a dual objective: first, to focus on the discipline and its practical application and second, to contribute to more general thinking on possible theoretical tools in the area of architectural renovation.

Doctorate Level Programs

None in preparation

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Interior Design

Application Deadlines

For Winter semester: 10th June

For Spring semester: 10th September

Teaching Languages

We have the possibility to give French lessons for foreign students.

Semester Dates

Winter semester: 15th September / 20th December

Summer semester: 3th January / 20th May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

For the erasmus students the registration is free.

For the accomodation in Lyon, it is about 400 / 500 € per month.


Bachelor: 200
Master: 80

Exchange Students

Incoming: 10
Outgoing: 20

Teaching Staff

Professors: 40

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