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Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims (ESAD)

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Mission Statement

The ESAD of Reims trains artists and designers over a period of three and five years. The School is a privileged place for creative research and experimentation, open to the realities of contemporary art and design. The aim is to enable each student to determine his / her own way as a creator in the fields of design, scenography, graphics, multimedia and art.

International Role

The ESAD participates in the Erasmus exchange programme (students / teachers) and has signed agreements with a dozen European Schools and Universities. Besides, our School is organizing an exchange with a Chinese Academy, so as to set up joint workshops in Beijing (2007), in Brazzaville (Congo) in 2008, and soon with Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands) and the Design Fachhochschule of Aachen (Germany).

National Role

A the local level, the ESAD has close relations with the Champagne-Ardenne Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC), and with the other cultural institutions in Reims: the Fine Arts museum, the national drama centre La Comédie, the national centre for dance & performing arts Le Manège, the national studio for music creation Césaré (common conferences, workshops with choreographers and sound designers). At the national level, ESAD’s students take part in many competitions organised by businesses, especially in the field of gastronomy, the sustainable development and luxury industry.

Main Focus

  • Around 75% of our students are enrolled in Product / Interior Design.

Faculties and Departments

The whole School with its Art and Design sections. We propose 4 specialities:

– Fine Arts

– Digital adn Graphic Design

– Product and Space Design

– Culinary Design (Only Master level)


Bachelor Level Programs

DNA / Bachelor of Product / Interior Design – 3 years DNA / Bachelor of Graphic Design / Multimedia – 3 years DNA / Bachelor of Art – 3 years These diplomas are delivered by French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and are equivalent to Bachelor degrees

Master Level Programs

DNSEP / Master of Product / Interior Design – 2 additional years DNSEP / Master of Graphic Design / Multimedia – 2 additional years DNSEP / Master of Art – 2 additional years These diplomas are delivered by French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and are equivalent to Master degrees

Research Activity and Main Areas

Our main research area is Food design and all about Culinary, precisely in the home and gastronomic areas.

We also develop Research in Social and Ecology Art and Design.


Doctorate Level Programs

Our School, as other French public Art Schools, does not have any doctoral level programme for the time being.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Exchange students can apply to all the specialities.

We implement Erasmus+ exchange as we are ECHE accredited.

Application Deadlines

End of May for the autumn semester/whole academic year End of October for the spring semester

Teaching Languages


Nevertheless, most of the teachers speak English.

Semester Dates

Autumn semester: October – January Spring semester: January – June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

500 – 700 euros all included


Bachelor: 140
Master: 47

Exchange Students

Incoming: 6
Outgoing: 12

Teaching Staff

Professors: 6
Other permanent teachers: 32

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