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Mission Statement

L’Ecole Intuit.lab, through its 3 campuses located in France and India, is a living laboratory of reflexion aiming at the production of creative and concrete solutions in graphic design and visual communication. With courses taught by professionals still in activity, the students learn to make their talent into a career with 12 months of internships proposed during the five years of our teaching program. At the end of our cursus, the students receive a Master degree in Artistic Direction in Visual Communication & Digital Design or in Design Project Management

International Role

Opening students to the world, through exchanges or workshops with foreigner teachers, is in our School DNA since 2001. That’s why L’Ecole Intuit.lab has created many partnerships with design schools and universities from around the world (Canada, USA, Latin America, Europe, Japan & China). Prior to our 4th year, the students participate to an exchange program or apply for an internship in an international agency for a period of four months. International workshops are also proposed, every year, to discover a discipline through the eyes and guidance of foreign professionals in all our campuses. 

National Role

Many of our students work as art directors, designers in agencies or for a renowned brand. L’Ecole Intuit.lab is also in close contact with more than 1000 agencies (in France and worldwide) through its jury program, different partnerships and its large number of internships.

Main Focus

Graphic design and visual communication: Course list: Brand design – Graphic design-Digital design – Visual identity – Motion design –Typography – Creativity – Signage- Art direction – Packaging – Publicity – Multimedia – Animation – Editorial design – Illustration- Management.

Faculties and Departments

Design and Visual Communication

Bachelor Level Programs

Visual Communication Designer Certification (Graduation +3 years – 180 credits)

Master Level Programs

–  Artistic Direction in Visual Communication & Digital Design

–  Design Project Management
(Graduation +5 years – 300 credits. Level master 1. Certified by the State level II)

Research Activity and Main Areas


Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for the exchange period: For September till December, you will need to apply before June 30th.
For January till May, you will need to send your application before December 31st.

Teaching Languages

French and English for certain courses

Semester Dates

First semester; 20 September – 20 December, Second semester: 3rd January – 31st May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Accommodation + Food: about 1000 euros


Bachelor: 500
Master: 143

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 20

Teaching Staff

Professors: 60
Lectures: 10
Part-time Teachers: 70

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