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Ecole Intuit Lab Education Private Ltd

Mumbai , India Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

To produce highly skilled designers and art directors who are attuned to the needs of the world of commerce and business and equipped to adapt their art in order to meet them

International Role

École Intuit Lab offers a course which is open to the world, thanks to an international team, activities coordinated with organizations abroad :

– guest speakers of international renown

– exchanges abroad

– workshops run by invited international professionals

– internship and work placement abroad

– participation and prizes in a number of competitions right around the globe

National Role

In India, skilled designers are a rare breed and the demand for them i always unmet. Sensitivity to aesthetics and design play a huge role in contemporary India. It is the key missing link betweem where India is today and wher India should ideally be.

Main Focus

École Intuit Lab's main focus is Creativity and Strategy, industry oriented

Faculties and Departments

Graphic Design , Visual Communication , Game Art & Design, Fine Arts, Digital Product Design, Animation, Product Design

Bachelor Level Programs

– Diploma in Visual Communication & Digital Design – 4 years

– Diploma in Game Art & Design – 4 years

– Diploma in Digital Product Design – 4 years

– Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, 4 years

Master Level Programs

– Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Design & Digital Communication – 18 months

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Graphic Design , Visual Communication, Game Art, Digital Produ ct Design & Design, Fine Arts

Application Deadlines

31st May

30th October

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Semester 1 : 1st August – 31st December

Semester 2 : 1st January – 30th May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

around 700 € per month


Bachelor: 230
Master: 36

Exchange Students

Outgoing: 7

Teaching Staff

Professors: 1
Other permanent teachers: 1
Part-time Teachers: 73

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