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Ecole de Design & Communication Visuelle

France Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Founded in 1984, ECV – École de Communication Visuelle is located in 5 majors French cities: Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Aix-en-Provence and Lille. The school of visual communication offers a 5 year-program in visual communication, graphic design and animated film. The ECV provides an interdisciplinary, multimedia approach to the study of visual communication, and educates students in the traditional arts through a strong core curriculum. Furthermore, the school builds a creative environment that is both supportive and challenging, helping students to shape a complex world of cultural diversity and changing technologies. This approach drives students to reflect and think creatively before execution, developing a responsible creative attitude and try to attain creative and aesthetic excellence and achieve rewarding careers as professional graphic designers.

International Role

Our institution is committed to a broad range of international activities, including the welcoming of international students, the facilitation of student and teacher exchanges, and the development for more than 25 years of Workshops with foreigners teachers. The international experience is a significant component of student education. ECV shares its experience and knowledge on the European platform with Cumulus universities in the fields that make the institution so famous in France and applies the Erasmus Charter. At last, the school aims to foster a sense of ethical responsibility in the practice of communication and the arts, enabling students to fully realize their potential as individuals and members of society.

National Role

Since 1984, ECV has developed its network nationally by building a renowned institution name among professionals in design, advertising and multimedia agencies.

Main Focus

Today, ECV wants to increase its role at the international and enhance the quality of the education through cooperation, student and teacher exchange. ECV is determined to actively participate and develop in the future its experience and objectives shared with Cumulus.

Faculties and Departments

ECV Paris 1, rue du Dahomey 75011 Paris – FRANCE + 33 1 5525 8010 [email protected] ECV Aquitaine 42, quai des Chartrons 33000 Bordeaux – FRANCE + 33 5 5652 9052 [email protected] ECV Provence 580, avenue Mozart 13100 Aix-en-Provence – FRANCE + 33 4 4293 4113 [email protected] ECV Nantes 17, rue deshoulières 44000 Nantes – FRANCE +33 2 4069 1513 [email protected] ECV Nord Europe 4, parvis Saint Maurice 59000 Lille – FRANCE +33 3 2852 8460 [email protected]

Bachelor Level Programs

– Bachelor's degree in Design

– Bachelor’s degree in Animation 2D/3D

– Bachelor’s degree – Digital project manager

Master Level Programs

Visual communication program: (5-year, students choose the master during the 4th year) – Master in Corporate design – Master in Communication design – Master in Interactive and digital design – Master in Typography- Mastère Design & strategy

Animation program : (5-year, students choose the master during the 4th year) – Master in Animated film – Master in Game design

Research Activity and Main Areas

During their 4th year, students will work on a research project of their choice. There is a support and a regular follow-up from teachers, which permit the students to have a deep reflection on the project.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Brand / Corporate, Graphic Design, Publishing, Advertising, 2D/3D Animation, game design, digital programme

Application Deadlines

31st May for the 1st semester of the following year 30th November for 2nd semester of the year in progress

Teaching Languages

Courses are taught in French, during the first 3 years. However the majority of students and professors speak English. From the master, 30 to 60% courses are taught in English

Semester Dates

September-January for the 1st semester January-June for the 2nd semester Examinations period: May – June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Present in 5 different cities in France, ECV recommend for: Paris, Bordeaux: From 700 to 1 000 euros per month Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Lille : From 600 to 900 euros per month


Master: 2900

Exchange Students

Incoming: 30
Outgoing: 70

Teaching Staff

Professors: 156
Lectures: 103
Part-time Teachers: 49

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