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Mission Statement

From the first year, our students immerse themselves in intensive drawing exercises. At the Masters level, they are confronted with functioning in an agency. Simulation and project-based teaching are favored to facilitate the acquisition of know-how specific to each profession. Our campuses are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, allowing students to test and innovate every day.

Our particularity lies in our campuses which house varied training courses, thus promoting collective intelligence and exchanges. Students work together regularly, which facilitates the creation of an initial professional network.

During their 5 years of study, our students collaborate with companies on concrete projects. At the same time, they complete internships and a work-study master's degree, accumulating up to 2 and a half years of experience, ensuring an effective transition to their career. These opportunities allow you to develop an extensive network and build strong connections with potential employers. Masters in design are offered on a work-study basis.

International Role

Ecole de Condé is lucky to welcome French-speaking students from all around the world, thanks to their International Admissions Departement.

Ecole de Condé, a member of the AD Education network, offers the possibility of a year of training abroad from the 2nd year. Masters in design also include an international internship, thus enriching students' careers and strengthening their attractiveness on the job market. In addition, two international classes are offered at the Masters level.

Ecole de Condé is part of the AD education group, the leading European network of creative training. This membership gives us a major strength, that of being able to offer our students the opportunity to complete their Bachelor 2 internationally in a partner school, offering the same excellent training. Aware of the need for students to enrich their study path, we have also opted for a compulsory internship abroad in Master 1 in order to promote their professional integration. Finally, two Masters 100% in English available on the Paris campus complete the range of our international offering.

All of the courses offered by the Condé school are labeled EABHES as European Bachelors or European Masters. In addition, our school is a signatory of the Erasmus + Charter and accredited by Campus France.

National Role

A school affiliated with the Conference of Grandes Écoles :
École de Condé is affiliated with the Conference of Grandes Écoles in France alongside other illustrious establishments such as the École Polytechnique or HEC.

The professional integration of our students is favored by the certification of all our training courses over 5 years under the title RNCP Level 6 or 7 (Bac+3 or Bac+5), which ensures easy access to positions of responsibility and attractive salaries straight out of school. Our condé connect platform connects our 15,000 alumni with an ultra-developed network of companies and numerous job offers.

École de Condé places great importance on collaboration with external companies and institutions as part of its pedagogy. These partnerships constitute an essential pillar of our educational approach.

Through the numerous partnerships established each year with other major schools, cultural institutions or companies, the École de Condé aims for more than a professional application of the skills acquired during training. It maintains a broader ambition, that of addressing new issues in design and digital technology, through research projects linked to businesses and institutions, such as sustainable development, mobility, new modes of consumption, organization of work, teaching, use of drones, job search, support for the elderly, etc. For Heritage Conservation-Restoration, this involves developing training sites in partnership with the largest cultural institutions.

Main Focus

For more than 30 years, the École de Condé has been a school of excellence in the fields of design, illustration-animation, photography, crafts and heritage restoration. Our project is to train high-level professionals, capable of inventing a decidedly new world.


Faculties and Departments

  • Design Department
  • Illustration-Animation Department
  • Photography Department
  • Heritage Restoration Department
  • Crafts Department

Bachelor Level Programs

  • Bachelor in Interior Design
  • Bachelor in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor in Product Design
  • Bachelor in Illustration
  • Bachelor in 2D/3D Animation Cinema
  • Bachelor in Photography and Moving Images
  • Bachelor in Cultural Heritage Restoration

Master Level Programs

  • Master in Interior Architecture and Scenography of Luxury
  • Master in Artistic Direction in Graphic Design
  • Master in Artistic Direction in Fashion
  • Master in Product Design, Furniture & Services
  • Master in Design in research, innovation & development
  • Master in XR immersive design project management
  • Master in Illustration – comic strip – Concept Art
  • Master in 2D-3D animated film production
  • Master in Design and Production in Photography & Animated Images
  • Master in Conservation-Restoration of Heritage
  • Master in Interior Architecture and Scenography of Luxury (100% in English)

Research Activity and Main Areas

A pioneering and innovative school through its active research : CondeDesignLab, an internal research unit at the school, is responsible for reflecting on and analyzing global design issues in the face of societal challenges and for developing meeting times to promote and disseminate the results of its research.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

  • Master in Interior Architecture and Scenography of Luxury (100% in English) – Only available for students who speak English and not French.
  • All the other programs including 2nd year of Bachelor and years of studies above are available in exchange for French-speaking students.

Application Deadlines

  • 1st semester (Fall semester) = April, 30th
  • 2nd semester (Spring semester) = October, 31th
  • AD Education mobility – 1 year = May 1st

Indeed, mobilities within the AD Education Network are available for one year.

Teaching Languages

  • French programmes : French – B2
  • Master in Interior Architecture and Scenography of Luxury (100% in English) : English – B2

Semester Dates

Those dates are still approximate and to be defined. They also vary on the study cycle and the department of study.

  • 1st semester (Fall semester) = from 09/09/2024 to  20/12/2024
  • 2nd semester (Spring semester) = from 06/01/2025 to 12/05/2025

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

  • Housing/rent : 1000€/month
  • Transportation : 350€/year (Carte Navigo)
  • Leisure : lost of museums in Paris are free for students under 26 years old, others provide discounts. Students can benefit from interesting discountd in cinemas as well.


Bachelor: 2600
Master: 700

Exchange Students

Incoming: 2
Outgoing: 35
Others: 2

Teaching Staff

Professors: 300

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