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Eastern Mediterranean University

Department of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design

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Mission Statement

With the progression and the convergence of the communication discipline with computer sciences, multimedia has developed rapidly, and as a result multimedia studies has become a whole new area in Communication Studies. The aim of the Department is both to develop students’ knowledge of design and production with practical work built on an artistic background, and to motivate students to criticize messages, tools and media in an artistic, cultural and social context.

International Role

With over 17,500 students, 76% of whom from 106 countries and 1,100 faculty members from 35 countries, EMU is a truly "global" university, giving students the opportunity to pursue their education in an international environment, to meet people from different countries and to learn about their cultures.

Following a similar pattern with the university, 68% of Department of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design students are international students, creating a highly dynamic and multi-national environment, perfect for broadening students’ horizons as designers. 

Additionally, the department regularly organizes, or take part in, numerous international events and competitions in the field of art and design. Moreover, highly-respected professionals from all around the world are invited to EMU to open exhibitions, give talks, and hold workshops, as well as teach students in our “Learning from Masters” course. 

National Role

Eastern Mediterranean University is the oldest and one of the largest universities on the island and is often referred to as the flagship university of the island. The university regularly collaborates with local institutions and government offices to educate and train staff members, and to work on projects that will benefit these organizations and the public in general. The Department of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design, in particular, has strong connections and collaborates with the industry and national businesses, which enables our students to do internships and find employment opportunities in their respective fields. Additionally, we conduct non-profit training programs for both individuals and corporations to improve themselves personally and as organizations. We also create specialized team within the department to produce design, animation and game projects for businesses and organizations on national level, which brings invaluable experience for both our students and the clients. 

Main Focus

The Department of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design brings artistic and technical education/creativity together with the advantages of the communication field’s interdisciplinary qualities. With reference to the course program, the department develops a student profile who can produce unique and high quality projects using digital media in special fields such as TV, video, cinema and animation by transforming new and recent communication technologies into a creative and artistic process; has an ethical responsibility; and is able to analyze any work mentioned above utilizing their theoretical knowledge. 

Additionaly, the main focus of our Animation & Game Design and Digital Game Design programs is educating students in the latest tools and technologies used to create digital and interactive content to offer a future for its graduates. The Program enables students to advance their applicable skills and knowledge, and develop their artistic expression through courses that are aligned with current industry demands.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design

Bachelor Level Programs

  • Visual Communication Design
  • Digital Game Design

Master Level Programs

Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design 

Research Activity and Main Areas

Applied and academic research areas actively carried out by both our academic staff members and students include communication design. package design, game design, interaction design, game development, virtual reality, computer animation, media effects, user-centered design methodologies and applications, design against crime, design theory, and entertainment theory. 

Doctorate Level Programs

Currently, no doctoral level programs are offered. However, the department is in the finishing stages of iniating the doctoral-level, Proficiency in Digital Arts program, which is set out to start accepting students soon. 

Teaching Languages

Vast majority of programs are held in English, with a few exceptions in Turkish.

Semester Dates

Fall Semester: September – January
Spring Semester: Februray – June
Summer Semester: July – September

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

300 – 500 EUR per month 



Bachelor: 335
Master: 26
Doctorate: -

Teaching Staff

Professors: 3
Lectures: 4
Part-time Teachers: 15

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